Chancellor of Austrovia

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Chancellor of The Austrovian Empire
Rosetta Gland2.jpg
Rosetta Gland
since September 5th, 2019
StyleHis Excellancy
Her Execellency
ResidenceNew Brandenburg, Hydraria (de jure)
None (de facto)
Term length6 months, renewable indefinately
FormationSeptember 5th, 2019

The Chancellor of Austrovia is the head of government in the Austrovian Empire. It is the highest elected office in the Empire. The Chancellor is elected every six months in a Federal Election and can run for office an indefinate amount of times.

Created as a replacement or the Reich Chancellor, the Chancellor acts as the head of government and shares executive power with the Monarch. The current Chancellor is Rosetta Gland who was appointed to the position by Andrew I after the implementation of the Austrovian Constitution of 2019.


Created by the Austrovian Constitution of 2019, the Chancellor acts as the official replacement for the Reich Chancellor, which was abolished after the June 2019 coup attempt by former Reich Chancellor Anthony Easton.

The Chancellor is the head of Federal Government and is the highest elected office in the Empire. The Chancellor shares executive power with the Monarch and oversees a cabinet of ministers. The Chancellor has the power to sign or veto any bill that the Imperial Diet passes and declare war on any nation with legislative and imperial approval. The Chancellor also has the power to call for free elections with imperial approval and can overturn an imperial veto with legislative support. Due to the constant need for imperial consent, the Chancellor is considered the second most powerful official in the Empire, behind the Monarch.

The Chancellor is elected every six months by the Austrovian people in a Federal Election. A candidate who wins the majority of the vote becomes Chancellor-Elect until he or she is sworn in by the Monarch. The Chancellor can also appoint a deputy, known as the Deputy Chancellor of Austrovia and ministers for each federal ministry.

List of Chancellors

Portrait Name
Term Previous Offices Political party Deputy Chancellor Monarch
Rosetta Gland2.jpg Her Execellency
Rosetta Gland
5 September
– Head of the Imperial Provisional Government
– Former Reichstag Member
Liberal None Andrew I
First Chancellor of Austrovia. Headed the Imperial Provisional Government, which passed the Austrovian Constitution of 2019.