Chief Justice of Osteau

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Chief Justice of Osteau
Supreme Court of Osteau
StyleMr/Madam Chief Justice (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
Your Honour (in court)
TypeChief Justice
Member ofSupreme Court of Osteau
NominatorMinister of Justice
AppointerPresident of Osteau
Formation20 August 2022
DeputyVice Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of Osteau is the most senior justice in the Supreme Court of Osteau and the Republic of Osteau.


The role of the chief justice is slightly different to that of a regular justice.

The role includes:

  • Setting the Agenda
  • Chairing Impeachment Trials
  • Interpreting Constitutional Law

The chief justice may also overrule any other supreme court justice.

Qualifications for Office

To be eligible to take office as chief justice, one must:

  • Be a Citizen of the Republic
  • Never Been Affiliated with a Political Party
  • Be a Justice on the Supreme Court
  • Be Approved by the Senate


The chief justice is nominated for office after senate approval as well as a nomination from the Minister of Justice. Then the President of Osteau formally makes the appointment.

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