Commonwealth of Egan

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Commonwealth of Egan

Motto: Unity and Progress
Official languagesEnglish,French, Esperanto
GovernmentOne-Party Republic
• Governor
Kit Kecenr
• Governess
LegislatureQuerencia Assembly
EstablishmentJuly 10th, 2017
• Census
Time zoneEganese Standard Time

Egan was a micronation located in rural Canada, specifically in the province of Quebec.

Government and politics

Egan was a single-party republic led by Governor Kit Kecenr.

Kecenr was also General Secretary of the Eganese National Coalition, commonly referred to as NatCo, or occasionally, the ENC. Senators of NatCo include: Elisabeth Kimyona, Richard Kimyona, the Governor, and honorary Senator Aster.


The nation was founded several months after the fall of the Robot Republic, an offshoot of the Turtle Clan in the territory of Hestavia. Upon forming its first colonies in the area of Hestavia, it became allied with the Duchy of Newton. From October 17 to Christmas of 2017, it was governed by an aristocracy before the formation of the Eganese Empire on Christmas day, which lasted only a month. Egan's socialist government lasted from late January to July 2018 where it reverted to its original republican government. Delegates from Egan were present at MicroCon 2019. In March 2020, Egan entered a state of dormancy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation never truly recovered from this despite its attempts, and was de facto dormant since August 2020 until the Commonwealth of New Hestavia was founded a year later.


Egan claimed two territories, spanning a total of 0.17 square kilometres.


Querencia was the capital of Egan. It's a 35-acre property in rural Quebec. It was home to Big Bird (the Eganese monument not the Sesame Street character), Blue Manor, Big Bird's Pond, two sheds, a rabbit farm, and a vegetable garden. The name is derived from the Spanish metaphysical concept Querencia. The name was coined by its residents.


Lenoway is a long strip of elevated forested grassland somewhere in Montreal, Canada.


The currency of Egan is the Eganese Lid, which was pegged to the average value of 1 pound of aluminium according to Prior to the dormancy of the nation, the two varieties of lid were the 5 lid bill and the 10 lid bill.