Conservative Kayut Republic

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Military Republic of Kayutsastan
  • Arabic:[إمبراطورية من كيوتسستن] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Flag of Kayustastan
Motto: اتَّكَلْنا منه على خُصٍّ الاتحاد قوة
(Arabic: Unity is power.)
Largest cityHaiwan
Official languagesEnglish and Arabic
Recognised national languagesYusufic
Happy Science
GovernmentMilitary Dictatorship
• Kayusastani Military General
Tom Kap
Independence from New York
• Declaration of Independence
1 November 2019 (as Kayutsastan) October 5th 2017 (As Duke)
• Total
0.060 km2 (0.023 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD;$)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Kayustastan, officially the Conservative Kayut Republic is a micronation situated in Northern America.


Kayutsastani history dates back to the ages of the Principality of Duke which lasted over 2 years until inactivity and neglect ended the country. Tom Kap believed a parliament will better the country, unlike Duke which was an absolute monarchy.

Kayutsastan was re activated recently and will be engaging in diplomacy soon.


The four regions of Kayutsastan are Chatham, New Sarasota, Jazhir, and Klixan

Chatham Chatham is the capital region and has a population of 4 people. It is located in New York City and is home to the Chatham Tram Network, a model railroad with a tramcar bought in October. Other cities in Chatham are Haiwan and Rahat.

New Sarasota New Sarasota is located in Sarasota, Florida. Home to many species of geckos and other animals it also has a pool and is close to a lake. There is one city which is Donyang and one town witch is Hatshe. Tom's grandma lives in New Sarasota along with his step grandpa.

Jazhir Jazhir, the smallest region is a peninsula of rocks on a beach in Brooklyn, NYC. It has one village known as Jazhir by the Sea. It is on the Atlantic coast and is situated next to the Kingdom of Auvenum.

Klixan Klixan is a house in Klixbuell, Germany. This is where Tom's grandfather lives and has one town known as NeuKlixbuellstadt.


Only Chatham has transportation services, which is the Chatham Tram. Running on model railroad tracks this H0 Tram runs at a good speed in a track of loop in Chatham city. Currently, the line has 2 stations, however in undergoing a large extension.


English is the most common language in the nation. The second language is Arabic and after that come German and Spanish. English is the common language used in government and day to day business by Kayutsastani citizens. A new conlang named Wascarnesean, which is influenced by germanic and Latin languages. It uses its own alphabet as well as romanization.


With an active Military of six strong, the Kayutsastani nation is pretty well off, considering it currently isn't in a war and does not have any enemies. The military, however, does engage in a tactical war game, like Nerf or airsoft during weekends.

Political Views

The country expresses support to the Republican Party and is extremely conservative. Most citizens lean more to the right-wing side of the political spectrum. The national news broadcaster, Kayut national News also known locally as KNN or QNN has expressed moderate conservative views.