Daragonian National Party

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Daragonian National Party
LeaderBen Evans
Founded16 march 2020
Membership (2020)5
Daragonian nationalism
Christian right
Christian democracy
Political positionSocial: Right-wing to Far right
Economic: Centre-left
ColoursBlue and white
SloganCountry, Stability, Democracy!!
Kintra, Stabilite, Democrasie!
Gwlad, Sefydlogrwydd, Democratiaeth!
Dùthaich, Seasmhachd, Deamocrasaidh!
National Assembly
0 / 10
Cabinet ministers
0 / 8
Party flag

The Daragonian National Party is a syncretic conservative political party in Daragonia. The DNP is socially right wing and economically centre-left. The DNP is the main opposition party in Daragonia.


The DNP was founded by Ben Evans on the 16th of march 2020 as the Conservative Party of Daragonia (generally known merely as the Conservative Party), but was renamed due to negative connotations with the name "Conservative Party". The party did not change at all ideologically, and the change was cosmetic. In April 2020, Pryderi Ap Symmo became party leader as Ben Evans stepped down. Ben remained part of the party and retained his seat in the Assembly.

Internal organisation

The DNP has a governing board made up of the founders of the party. In addition to this, the party has factions/sub-parties so as to allow members to align themselves to a particular "wing" of the party.


Party Symbol Party Leader Position Ideologies National Assembly
Nation NAT Ben Evans Right wing - Far right

National conservatism

Cultural nationalism

Social conservatism


0 / 10
Heritage HTG Tim Dullinger Far right



0 / 10
Christian Democrats CD Archibald Sinclair Right wing Christian conservatism

Christian democracy

Social conservatism

0 / 10



The DNP describes itself as ideologically conservative, nationalist, communitarian and democratic. It is a republican party, describing the concept of a Daragonian absolute monarchy as "anti democratic" and the concept of a Daragonian constitutional monarchy as "changing the culture of the nation". The party believes in strong borders and the traditional meaning of the ideological label "conservative" - the party rejects individualist forms of conservatism, and espouses a communitarian form of politics. Ben Evans has stated that the DNP would oppose Daragonia joining any international organisation which would restrict the nations independence.

Electoral results

Daragonia is yet to have its first elections.