Constitution Of Alrodnia

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Constitution of Alrodnia
JurisdictionRepublic of Alrodnia
Created18 June 2022
Presented18 June 2022
Ratified19 June 2022
Date effective19 June 2022
SystemFederal semi-presidential consititusional republic
ExecutivePresident, Local government, and Cabinets
JudiciaryLaw Council
Electoral collegeYes (in the legislative election, electoral collage to elect the Prime Minister is senate)
First legislature6 February 2023
First executive6 February 2023
First court19 June 2022
Repealed19 June 2022
Author(s)States Representative Council
SignatoriesPresident and Prime Minister
Media typeDigital

Constitution of Alrodnia is Constitution that is used by Alrodnia.

Constitution of Alrodnia have 7 Chapter, 20 Article and 57 section.

Stucture of 2022 Alrodnia Contitution.



That is, the Independent State of Alrodnia was not a violent separatist movement, the State of Alrodnia was only a micronation, Alrodnia had confirmed as a neutral and organized country, and Alrodnia must start diplomatic relations as soon as possible, and Alrodnia has confirmed that We Alrodnia cannot go to war before there is a country that attacks Alrodnia, and By the grace of god, We can make this constitution, May Alrodnia become a more developed country.
June 18, 2022
Apisia, Alrodnia

Chapter I - Form of state and government

Article 1

(1) Alrodnia is a country in the form of a Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
(2) Head of Government and the State is the President, while the Prime Minister is the holder Senate and Senate responsible holders

Article 2

(1) The governing body consists of the President-Vice President, the Cabinet, and the Senate
(2) The function of the President-Vice President is to lead the country executively
(3) The function of the Cabinet is to become an Advisor as well as Assistant to the President, in Development, Economy and Military
(4) The function of the Senate is to propose new laws, both concerning the Military, and the Economy
Development, Members of the Senate must approve Bills of Act by at least 1⁄2+1 Senate member

Article 3

(1) The President's right is to lead the State in full with Proposed Laws from the Cabinet and the Senate, the President also has the right to approve laws in full
(2) The President can be fired/impeached through a People's Vote and Impeachment/Dismissal is proposed by the senate

Article 4

(1) The Vice President's right is to assist the President and to be accountable to the Law Council
(2) The vice president can only be fired and elected by the president.

Article 5

The Prime Minister's Rights are to Propose Laws, Be the Speaker of the Senate and Accountable to the Senate

Article 6

The Minister's right is to assist the President and to be the President's Advisor

Article 7

(1) The right of the Senate is to propose laws with the prime minister
(2) The Senate consists of senates who preside over the regions

Article 8

(1) General Elections are held at least once a year
(2) The President is elected by the people
(3) The Prime Minister is elected by a senate elected by the people
(4) The President's term of office is 1 year (after which he can be re-elected)
(5) The prime minister's term of office is 1 year (after which he can be re-elected, but only once)
(6) The President/Prime Minister and other government positions must be Alrodnia Citizens

Article 9

(1) If the President dies, is impeached, or resigns, presidential elections may be held returns or is replaced by the Vice President following the people's vote
(2) If the Prime Minister dies or resigns, legislative elections can be held again or Temporarily left vacant or replaced by the president or conducted voting among senate without direct elections, following popular vote
(3) The Prime Minister must resign when not obtaining a majority of 1⁄2 + 1 Members of the senate
(4) The president must resign when approved by the people to be impeached
(5) Ministers must resign when fired by the president

Chapter II - Economy, Education, and Law

Article 10

(1) Alrodnia's currency is Rupiah, Monopoly Dollar and Mikro
(2) The government has the right to fully regulate the economy

Article 11

(1) Every citizen of Alrodnia has the right and must receive education
(2) Education must be carried out free of charge and without payment, except for private schools

Article 12

(1) Law is carried out by the Vice President and the Legal Council
(2) The Vice President becomes the supreme judge of the Legal Council, as an extension of the President's hand and Accountability to the Legal Council
(3) The Legal Council is assigned to resolve various legal cases
(4) The Legal Council is obliged to observe and consider various Opinions and opinions society and experts before sentencing
(5) The death penalty is only carried out if the perpetrator commits terror and bombs, but must obtain permission from the Government
(6) House Punishment may not be carried out

Chapter III - Religion, Social and National Wealth

Article 13

(1) Religion can be recognized if the President, Cabinet, Prime Minister, and Senate agree
(2) Everyone who joins any religion, may not be forced or tortured to enter a religion other than religion
(3) Anyone who enters a religion that is not recognized by the state cannot be subject to any criminal penalties related to that religion
(4) Freedom of religion is exercised in Alrodnia, in various situations, and various places

Article 14

(1) Caste and Level of Wealth are prohibited in Alrodnia
(2) All Alrodnian people are equal
(3) People who are less well-off will be assisted by the government

Article 15

State assets may not be taken by anyone, except for obtaining state permits

Chapter IV - Foreign Affair

Article 16

(1) The President is the Supreme Commander of the Military
(2) Alrodnia's military can attack if attacked by another Country
(3) Alrodnia's military was prohibited from carrying out a Coup
(4) War can be carried out with the approval of the senate and the people through voting.

Article 17

Diplomatic relations can be signed by the President/Prime Minister with the confirmation from the Senate

Chapter V - Crisis

Article 18

(1) Only the President can declare a Crisis with Senate Confirmation
(2) Before making a crisis declaration, there must be a petition from the people, then confirmation from the Senate and President's approval of the crisis that occurred.

Chapter VI - Politics

Article 19

(1) Political parties may not be banned or dissolved, except for committing rebellion
(2) Political parties are prohibited from making rebellions
(3) All political movements carrying out rebellions may be disbanded
(4) A political movement can be called a rebel only if; Doing resistance with weapons with government officials
(5) If it is not by the paragraph above (CHAPTER VI, Article 18, Section 4) then the movement can't called Rebels

Chapter VII - Constitution

Article 20

(1) If possible, the Senate may propose a new Constitution if the State is in a Crisis
(2) After the changes to the Constitution are proposed by the Senate, there will be approval from the President and A referendum, before changes to the constitution, is made.


Alrodnia is a state that must have its Happiness, It is an obligation for every citizen of Alrodnia, And because of this Constitution, May Happiness in Alrodnia can be achieved.
June 18, 2022
Apisia, Alrodnia