List of prime ministers of Alrodnia

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Prime Minister of Republic of Alrodnia
Prime Minister:
Syarif I.M

since 6 February 2023
StyleYang Mulia
Yang Terhormat
(Official style)
ResidenceApisian Palace
Term length1 Year (after that can be selected again only for 1 year)
Inaugural holderUdin R.R
Formation18 Juny 2018

The Prime Minister of Alrodnia (Indonesia:Perdana Menteri Alrodnia) or Speaker of State Representatives Council is the third highest office in Alrodnia, the Prime Minister presides over the Senate and the current Prime Minister of Alrodnia is Syarif I.M

List of Prime Minister

Number Image Name Length of service President Party Reign Explanation Positions Held Together with the Position of the Prime Minister Period
List of Alrodnian Prime Minister

(Father Of Proclamation Of Alrodnia)

Udin R.R
(Withdraw for the next election)
18 Juny 2018 - 6 February 2020 President Udin R.R   Social Party Of Alrodnia (PSLA) 3 year 7 month 12 day Founder of Alrodnia 1
6 February 2020 - 6 February 2021   Social Party Of Alrodnia (PSLA) Founder of Alrodnia 2



(Father Of Religious of Alrodnia)

Syarif I.M
(Resigned because a coup)
(6 February 2021 - 5 August 2021)   Social Party Of Alrodnia (PSLA) 5 month 30 day Senator Of Omasia, Vice President 3


3 Udin R.R
5 August 2021 - 15 August 2021   Social Party Of Alrodnia (PSLA) 10 Day Taking the Position of Syarif I.M President Of Alrodnia
4 Syarif I.M
15 August 2021 - 21 August 2021   Social Party Of Alrodnia (PSLA) 6 Day

Position Claim (situation normalized), (Resign in 2021 Election, To Become Vice President)

Senator Of Omasia
- Ars R. (Temporary officials)
(Term over)
21 August 2021 - 4 September 2021   Alrodnia People's Democratic Party 14 Day Temporary officials Chairman Of PDRA, Senator Of Pasefek, Chairman Of Oppossition

(Father Of Reformation Of Alrodnia)

Rin R.
(Resigned for the next election)
4 September 2021 - 6 February 2022   Alrodnia People's Democratic Party 5 month 2 day Vice Chairman Of PDRA, Senator Of Abisia, Vice Chairman Of Oppossition

(Father Of Modernization Of Alrodnia)

Ars R.
(Lost reelection)
6 February 2022 - 6 February 2023   Alrodnia People's Democratic Party 1 year Chairman Of PDRA, Senator Of Pasefek 4


7 Syarif I.M (6 February 2023 - Incumbent)   Alrodnia Islamic Party Incumbent Senator Of Omasia 5



Syarif I.MArs R.Rin. RArs R.Udin R.R