Crawford Empire

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[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Crawford Empire]]
Preceded by
North Crawford
Eire Provence

Crawford Empire

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previously North Crawford

Capital city Edinboro

Largest city Erie

Government Empire
Prime Senator James

Reformation December 6, 2011


Population 10

Area Claimed n/a

Currency United States dollar

Language(s) English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Cuneform

Religion Christian, Jamestian

Demonym (North) Crawfordian, Eriean

Crawford is a micronation bordering Westsylvania to the south which claims the Northern half of the Crawford County and the whole . North Crawford was founded by anti-Westsylvanian sediment in Crawford, at the time claimed by Westsylvania, which led to the creation of a secessionist movement. The nation is also known by the title of Crawford, however they don't claim all of the Crawford Country.[1]


North Crawford

Originally, Westsylvania and North Crawford where the same nation. However, some in South Crawford desired independence of Crawford from the United States. So, on July 19, 2011, they broke away renaming themselves Westsylvania. Since they took more than 3/4 of the land, Westsylvania technically ruled North Crawford. But due to anti-Westsylvania sediment, there was orginally going to be a civil war between the 2 nations, but the war was avoided, and they split into Westsylvania and North Crawford on the 1st of October 2011.


Westsylvania War

By an agreement between Westsylvania, there was no military action until November 5, according to Treaty of Titusville. On the November 5, North Crawford and Westsylvania waged war on each other which Westsylvania named the Westsylvania War.


The Capital of Crawford Empire is Edinboro, PA. The geography consists of manny trees and forests with some low mountain ranges. North Crawford has fairly warm summers of around 75 to 80 Fahrenheit. In July it usually warms to the mid 90s for a week strait. in the winter It is about 20 degrees average. We also get a lot of snow and the winter last roughy 4 months November thru February.


North Crawford is ruled as a republic which people vote for a senate of 10 people, there is also a "prime senator" as opposed to a president in power.


Laws of North Crawford are:

1. Do not attack a Westlyvanian or Head of State Coat. Or you will be fined $10 million.

2. Respect the Americans, Canadians and Eriians

3. Every Commandment, Amendment and American law will be enforced

4. Be Quirky!!


According to the government, the army is made of many efficient soldiers and a navy. They also claim that they don't attack unless provoked. The army of North Crawford is engaged against Westsylvania in the Westsylvania War which was waged on November 5, 2011.

Diplomatic Relations


Allies are few due to online inactivity and North Crawford - Westsylvania relations, however they have 3 allies:

References and notes

  1. The North Crawfordian government doesn't claim all of the county. However, the Westsylvania War is trying to unite the Crawford County.

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