Crown Prince of Albia

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Crown Prince of Albia
StyleHis/Her Royal Highness
TypeHeir Apparent
Member ofRoyal Family of Albia
Reports toMonarch of Albia
Term lengthLife Tenure or until Accession as Sovereign
Formation29 June 2022

The Crown Prince of Albia, known as the Crown Princess of Albia when the titleholder is female, is the hear apparent of the Albian Throne.


The title was established by Luke I of Albia on 29 June 2022, after being inspired by the title of Prince of Wales. However he wanted to create a title that fit in with the succession laws observed in the Kingdom of Albia.


The title of Crown Prince/Princess of Albia is always held by the oldest child of the Monarch of Albia. If the titleholder relinquishes the title or passes before inheriting the throne, then the title automatically falls to the next oldest child of the monarch.

Heir Apparent vs Heir Presumptive

The title Crown Prince/Princess is given only to the heir apparent of Albia — somebody who cannot be displaced in the succession to the throne by any future birth. The title is automatic in who it's given to.

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