Crown Prince of Ocrain

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The Crown Prince of Ocrain is a senior royal in the Ocrainian royal family, and is the heir apparent to the monarchy. Currently the Crown Prince is appointed with approval of the Allegiance Council after a nomination from the Monarch. The Crown Prince also acts as King and manages the nation's affairs in the monarch's absence.

Crown Prince of Ocrain
Pāletilla Dārilaros hen Ocrain
None Appointed
StyleHis Royal Highness
TypeHeir Apparent
Member ofHouse of Ocrai
AppointerThe King
with approval of the Allegiance Council
Term lengthAt the King's Pleasure or until Accession as King
Formation23 April 2022


After the title of monarch, the Crown Prince title is the oldest in the nation's royalty, being founded as the title of the Heir Apparent after the establishment of the monarchy.


The primary role of the Crown Prince is as a senior Ocrainian royal, taking the monarch's place in his or her absence. The Crown Prince may also act as an advisor to the monarch. The Crown Prince is also permitted to serve in government or the Armed Forces of Ocrain.


The Crown Prince is nominated for office by the reigning monarch. The Allegiance Council of Ocrain then typically approves or denies the nomination, however as the monarchy is absolute the monarch can appoint who they'd like from the royal family. Typically, however, the monarch appoints their eldest child.

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