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Motto: Peace and Freedom
Anthem: TBA
Official languagesEnglish and Dannish
• Governor
Daniel B. Soares
Establishment9 August 2011
• Census
CurrencyMicro (100 cents)

Danpana is a state of Danland that claims land in Spain. Through out its years, it has used various names, in order to avoid the micronation looking boring and dull. Danland has been one of the most active micronations on MicroWikia, since it was established on August 9, 2011; which is referred as Danland Day. The micronation has 2 parishes, West Danland and East Danland.


The name Danpana comes from the word "Dan" and "España", which is the Spanish name for Spain.


Danland was founded as the Kingdom of Daniel-Land on August 9, 2011. It changed its name to Dianberg on January 27, 2012 and then to Danland on March 4, 2012. Since the summer it had been split into West Danland and East Danland, but since September 12, 2012 they merged again. On October 2, 2012 it became part of Daniel-Land.


Danland occupies a bedroom on a Spanish farm.


Flag Name
West Danland
East Danland


Danland's government is within Daniel-Land and therefore has no separate government.


There's are 1 people in Danland, as of 2012.


Main articles: English, Dannish English and Dannish are both the official languages. English is the most widely spoken language in Daniel-Land, whereas Dannish is more used for written sources.

On March 9, 2012 Tencan (another conlang invented by dancar) was introduced, but was later abandon as an official language of Danland.


The official religion of Danland is Danielism, a religion founded by the ruler.


Main article: Foreign relations of Daniel-Land Upon the merger with Elefthfria and the Saxon Empire to form the United Byzantine States on August 6, 2012, the micronation's diplomacy has since been recently been the diplomacy of the UBS.

Currently is diplomacy of Danland is being re-opened and plans are to recover some of the lost alliances.


National Symbols

The national mascot was originally a hedgehog called Danno. However it was changed to Sonic the Hedgehog by the time the United States of Daniel-Land was proclaimed. The national sport was Danball a game invented in Daniel-Land. The national animal is the Hedgehog. The national drinks were Coke, Fanta and Water and the national foods are Pizza, Noodles, Hot Dogs and Burgers.


The national newspaper of Danland was Dan Times Danland. TV and Radio was controlled by the Daniel-Landic Broadcasting Corporation (DLBC). A TV channel was launched on 2 February 2012 called Danlandic Television (formerly Dianberg TV). Recently now, Danland news is in now in the Danland section of the Dan News and TV programmes for Danland are now only available as a programming block on DTC, leding the channel no longer broadcasting less than 2 minutes of micronational programming.


The national sport is Danball, a game invented in Daniel-Land.

National anthem

The anthem chosen by Danland was HMS Pinafore, since it was the ruler's favourite song, however it was changed to "Musica de los Dioses" in order for the anthem to be more classical.