Democratic Republic of Howe

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Democratic Republic of Howe
Coat of arms
Motto: "Maius cerebrum potentia musculus potentia"
Brain power is more important than muscle power
Anthem: "In The Hall of the Mountain King"
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Skovajan (Howetanese dialect)
Organizational structureSelf-described democratic republic often smeared as dictatorship
• Prime Minister
Glastieven N
Declared independence from UK. Considered part of Glastieven history.
• Declaration of independence
16 October 2014
• Inactivity
August 2016
• Proposed reactivation
May 2018
Area claimed
• Total
196,936.731 sq mi (510,063.79 km2)
Purported currencyToken (2014–15)
British pound (2016)
Time zoneGMT
Driving sideleft

The Democratic Republic of Howe (DRoH), also known as the Howetanese Republic (shorter alternative names are prohibited), is an inactive micronation in the south-west of Great Britain that was formed in October 2014 and fell into inactivity in the summer of 2016. It was Glastieven N's one-man nation from its creation until its demise and one of the two consistently active Acteriendian model countries. Redvers was both its capital and largest city, whilst its territory comprised several differently-sized enclaves of the United Kingdom with no obvious "mainland". These enclaves were organised into four provinces: Redvers, Plymbed, Twitchinshire, and Plymplay. The largest contiguous region of Howetanese territory was the Whitehall Exclave in Pymbed.

Following the creation of the Nation of Bedroom, the Howetanese Republic was founded on 16 October 2014 as "The Empire of the Democratic Republic of Howe", claiming a small area of land inside N's house that later became part of the province of Redvers. The DRoH enjoyed a golden age of diplomatic influence during the first wave of Acteriendian model countries. It later shifted its focus to internal development. The empire was abolished in late 2015 and a new flag was adopted; a constitution was drafted and finalized in early 2016. The micronational priorities of the late DRoH were economic and martial, with detailed rank insignia set out for the Howetanese Military. The nation became inactive in the summer of 2016 and a planned revival by N in May 2018 came to nothing.


Initial Period

Empire of the Democratic Republic of Howe

The modern DRoH's antecedent, The Empire Of The Democratic Republic Of Howe, was founded on the 16th October 2014 in response to the creation of the Nation of Bedroom two days earlier. The country's initial claims included land which now makes up part of the province of Redvers, and the head of state was an unelected Prime Minister, who fulfilled the role of an emperor. The country's constitution, unlike its parallel, the Nation of Bedroom, was codified in a small booklet detailing the laws of the nation. Unlike the Nation of Bedroom's Treaty of Succession [sic], however, this document is no longer a part of the country's constitution.

Late 2015

After the empire was abolished the flag was redesigned and the emperor became the Prime Minister. In late 2015 a constitution was drafted and was finalized on 30th January 2016.

The original Droh/TEOTDROH flag

The Howetanese Military was also formed around this time to provide defence for the nation in the event of a second Beale War.

Early 2016

In early 2016 the denonym "Howeian" was changed to "Howetanese" and the name of the country was allowed two more shortened forms along with DRoH, the other acceptable names were: Howetanese Republic and Republic of Howe.

Reform period


After almost four years of being dormant, the DRoH was revived by Michael Howe, who was part of Glastieve, in order to give Glastieve another micronation to open diplomatic relations with. Howe began drafting a new constitution and political system in order to completely reform the country. Nothing has since come of this recent attempt and Michael Howe has since changed his mind.


The DRoH is mostly flat and built up with relatively large open grasslands in the form of pleasure parks. The province of Plymplay contains the countries highest point, Whitehill Tor. This is located in the Whitehill Exclave which is mostly woodland and quite hilly.


The DRoH has a mild climate identical to that of Devon. It enjoys mild summers and cold winters.

Administrative Geography

The DRoH is made of six enclaves which are divided into four provinces called (from largest to smallest) Twitchinshire, Plymbed, Redvers and Plymplay. Each province is made of one enclave with the exception of Redvers which is made of three and Plymbed which is made of two.



The government is currently an unintentional single-party state as no-one else other than Michael wanted to create a political party. The party in power is the National Party.

Political Schools

Law and criminal justice

Foreigen Relations

The DRoH was a close ally with B'llardland before they went defunct. They're closest ally, however, is Skovaji. After the Beale War a monetary union (the Wesley Union) was proposed between the two nations and is still being considered by the DRoH.


The Howetanese Republic has a small army of only two active members. The army is highly trained in sword-to-sword combat and has had only one engagement.


Science and technology

The DRoH is considered to be the centre of astrophysics and commerce in the Devon Union. A person with a great deal of scientific knowledge is considered very respectable in ghe country with astrophysics being the most respected.


The DRoH is the only micronation in the Devon Union to have a direct rail link to the UK.

Private sector

Howe Planetary Industries


The DRoH currently uses British Pound Sterling as currency but is considering joining the Wesley Union and using the Wesley for currency.


Ethnic groups







Symbolism & Crest


The current howetanese flag was adopted in late 2015 and was the first howetanese flag to have an official meaning. The green represents happiness and hope for a bright future. The blue represents sorrow and the red represents anger and wars of the past.


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