Dominion of Tarcallia

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Royal anthem: God Save the King

Other languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• King
Jackson I
Logan A. Medlin
28 January 2021
• Estimate
CurrencyKapresh dollar
Time zoneEDT

The Dominion of Tarcallia was a dominion of the Empire of Kapreburg formed on 28 January 2021. On 8 April 2021, Tarcallia declared independence as North Dirigo.


The name Tarcallia was made up of 3 parts, Tar, call, and ia. Tar was in reference to the material tar. Call is heel in Latin, and ia was added to make it sound like a country. So the name Tarcallia literally means "country of people with Tar Heels". This was in reference to the nickname given to Houseistanis, Tar Heels. The etymology of the name is reflected on the coat of arms, where the lions legs are black as opposed to red like the rest of his body.


Houseistan and Three Rooms Empire

The Three Rooms Empire was established by Logan A. Medlin on 25 September 2019. The Three Rooms Empire would declare war on Kevlaria, joining in the Kevlarian-Ernish war. the Three Rooms Empire would then surrender to the Union of Mountain States and sign the Treaty of the T.R.E. The Treaty established a democratic government in Houseistan. Later in December, Houseistan became an autonomous territory of United Provinces of Natlin. On 4 January 2020, Houseistan would become independent from Natlin. The Democratic Republic of Houseistan would become a protectorate of Union of Mountain States on January 13, 2020. Later on January 21st, DRH would no longer be a protectorate of Union of Mountain States. On May 18 Houseistan would change its ideology to a Principality. On May 24 Houseistan would change its government back to a Democratic Republic. On 7 June 2020, The Democratic Republic of Houseistan signed a treaty of mutual recognition and cooperation with the Arthurian Empire. On 22 June 2020, President Logan gifted his backyard to the Arthurian Emperor, Vincent I, as the Dominion of Arthuria, which he accepted. This territory became the Dominion of Carolina.

Kapresh dominion

On 28 January 2021, Jackson I and Logan A. Medlin were talking in the voice chat of MicroWiki@Discord and Medlin brought up his interest in joining Kapreburg. Jackson proposed that Houseistan become a dominion of Kapreburg and Medlin accepted. The Declaration of Dominionship would be written and signed later that night, and the Dominion of Tarcallia was formed, with Medlin as the Governor-General. On 8 April 2021, Tarcallia declared independence as North Dirigo.


The Tarcallian Home Guard was founded on 4 February 2021 and acted as the military service for Tarcallia.

Politics and government

Tarcallia was run by the Governor-General, Logan A. Medlin. Although Jackson I is the monarch, he held little power over the dominion and was just in office mainly for ceremonial purposes.

Foreign relations

International Organization participation

Geography and climate

Tarcallia was located in the US state of North Carolina.

Administrative divisions

Flag Coat of arms Name Population Incorporated
Tippecanoe Borough 0 2021
Newton Borough 0 2021
Silver Borough 0 2021
King David Borough 0 2021

Members of the Government