Earl Fialko

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Earl Fialko
Creation date 30 September 2012
Created by Eran
Peerage Peerage of Florenia
First holder Lord John, 1st Earl Fialko
Present holder Lord Daniel, 2nd Earl Fialko
Heir apparent Lord Thomas
Subsidiary titles Baron Exeter

Earl Fialko is a title in the Peerage of Florenia. It was created on 30 September 2012 for Lord John, the father of Florenia's queen consort Jane. At the same time he was made Baron Exeter, which serves as the subsidiary title to the earldom and as a courtesy title for its heir apparent.

As of 2021, the titles are held by his son, the second Earl, who succeeded his father upon his death in September 2018. His son, Lord Thomas, is the current heir apparent.

Currently the only Florenian earldom (excluding subsidiary titles held by dukes and duchesses), the title reflects the esteemed status of Queen Jane's family as members of the Florenian royal family. While Florenian nobility is not primarily grounded in dynastic houses, Lord John's descendants are considered to belong to a line of descent of particular importance to Florenian culture alongside the immediate family of Florenia's king, Eran.

Earls Fialko

The heir apparent is Lord Thomas, Baron Exeter.