East American Democratic Peoples Republic

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East American Democratic Peoples Republic
República Popular Democrática de América del Este (Spanish)
Flag of East American DPR.png
Motto: God is with us! Spanish:¡Dios esta con nosotros!
Anthem: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar
EADPR Map.jpg
American Democratic People's Republic's claims
and largest city
New Madrid
Official languagesEnglish,Spanish
Demonym(s)East American
GovernmentDemocratic Peoples Republic
• President
James Santiago
LegislatureNational Assembly
EstablishmentAugust 2019
(founded not ratified)
6 May 2021
• Census
Time zoneUTC

The East American Democratic People's Republic, officially the American Democratic People's Republic, is a North American micronation landlocked within the Macronation of America and various other Macronations in the Eastern Americas.


The East American Democratic Peoples Republic was founded in August 2019 and ratified its first constitution on 5-6-21. The Nation has territories all over the East Americas.


The Military of the EADPR is made up of 5 branches and has 5 active members.