Eerste Pavlov

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Eerste Pavlov
State Unitary Enterprise
Founded10 March 2013;
17 November 2014 (revival)
Area served
Key people
Deniz Grozny (founder), £ukasz Gjilpërëoğlu (CEO)
OwnerGovernment of Pavlov

Eerste Pavlov (Dutch for First Pavlov) is the state bank of the Empire of Pavlov and the only one currently operating in the country.


Foundation of the bank

Eerste Pavlov was founded on 10 March 2013 in the then Kingdom of Pavlov (now part of the Federal Republic of Lostisland). However, it never began to offer banking services, as in April the Kingdom where it was incorporated officially dissolved, becoming part of the newborn Federal Republic of Lostisland, where the bank was abandoned permanently.


On 4 November 2014 in Pavlovian calendar (11 November 2014 in Gregorian calendar), Grand Prince Deniz Grozny decreed the re-establishment of Eerste Pavlov, now as a governmental bank dedicated mostly to funding the Holy Inquisition. The Grand Prince entrusted the bank to a prominent Pavlovian economist, Sir £ukasz Gjilpërëoğlu.[1]


Currently, Eerste Pavlov serves as the Imperial Mint for the production of coins and paper currency for the Empire of Pavlov. The bank also holds accounts for all members of the Imperial Family, the Imperial Household and the Imperial Government .