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—  Gau of Ausveria  —


Country Ausveria
Founded 8 October 2021
Dissolved 7 February 2023
 - Gauleiter Martin Malenkov
 - Total 3
Time zone Eastern standard time

Eisenbruck was a gau (province) of Ausveria located in Southern Florida, led by Martin Malenkov.


Before joining Ausveria

Eisenbruck was originally known as the "Amerikanisches Kolonie" and was a territory of a micronation called the New Germanic Reich. On 17 September 2021 it seceded from the New Germanic Reich after a revolt which started due to extreme Authoritarianism and incompetence by the Reich. After secession the "Amerikanisches Kolonie" emerged from the ashes of the Reich's dissolution to become the North American Republic a Democratic nation which was a loose confederacy with a socialist economy. The NAR experienced a short boom of activity after independence reaching a population of 20 however as time went on the nation declined in activity and eventually Secretary General Martin Malenkov declared the NAR dissolved.

Annexation by Ausveria

Around the time that the North American Republic was dissolved Secretary General Malenkov and the Ausverian Chancellor, Fredrick M. began talking over the internet, following the dissolution of the NAR Fredrick M. offered for the NAR to join Ausveria. On 8 October 2021 on the same day that the Long Island War began the treaty of Eisenbruck was signed in which the NAR changed its name to Eisenbruck and became a province of Ausveria with many members of the NAR's government joining Ausveria.

Breakoff from Ausveria and eventual civil war

After a short period of peace, Martin Malenkov's extreme race laws began to create dismay among the local population, leading to mass revolts. To combat this, Malenkov announced his allegiance to the newly-created 'Transamerican Soviet Combat Corps'.