Emil of Polstowia

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Emil P.
President Emil of Polstowia

President Emil, 2023
President of Polstowia
First reign 15 August 2021 - December 2021
Second reign January 2022 - Present
Personal Information
Born 15 January 2009
Northampton w:United Kingdom
Nationality English


Domestic partner Louis I of Karnidid (2022 - Present)
Home town Northampton, Northamptonshire
Occupation - Leader of Polstowia

- Artist (part-time)

Religion Agnostic
Politica status Apolitical

President Emil (born Emil; 15 January 2009 – Present day) is the first Polstowian leader from 15 August 2021.

Emil was born in Northampton, England. Emil's grandpa recalls his mother being Welsh, whereas their grandma reckons that they were shoemakers. since Northampton's former job history was making shoes in numerous factories. From their mother's side, she was linked to the Samwells. Whom were baronets in 1500s to 1800s. In on Samwells got their title from helping with Gunpowder plot and the Restoration of Charles II.

Emil created Polstowia when their reign begin in August 2022. Formerly known as 'Ethom' at the time. During the fall of Ethom, Emil started to search for ideals for the next era of Polstowia to begin. In January, the next era began. Know as the 'communist era'. Polstowia started to progress until after gaining states as they were not pleased with the ideology's ideals. The state leader of Dashelton, help them in political views giving him the rank of governor, in other terms, this means vice president.

Early Life

Emil was born on 15 January 2009, the only child born. They were nicknamed "Em" by their close friends and family, this still occurs now. When Emil was at primary school, they learnt WW2, which was an interest Emil had a while until changing interests in late December to Titanic and other ocean liners (Such as RMS Queen Elizabeth). Her great grandma, cherished Emil a lot.. She would talk about her time in WW2 and how her mate fought in Egypt. Later she was taken to a nursing home due to her health deteriorating. The condition she had led to a stroke dying 2 years later in 2019.

Before Polstowia

Before Polstowia began, Emil went to Isles of Scilly, where Dashelton (formally known as David) lives on every year on June to August, they first went in 2014. which Emil takes an interest in for history. Especially on some areas like Bishop Rock and Scillonian.


Emil took part-time jobs and clubs, mostly working on farms or clubs in horse riding/caring. These were done around farms in Northampton, as well as Isles of Scilly.


Start of Polstowia

Emil first took interest in micronations from their friend, Gorthia. After a few months, Polstowia, or Ethom, went into a series of decline. In December, Emil had no choice but to collapse. After another month, Emil reformed Polstowia again after their birthday, in January 2022. Since then Polstowia has not had a downfall since. Emil took communism as the first ideology, although Emil didn't know what this did as an ideology. A lot of states tried to pull away from it, eventually they moved to Welsh nationalism. Their friend, Louis, started Karnidid although stopped after a while for the same reason Ethom did first time they started. Karnidid then became an autonomous Polstowian state.


Emil first started the government after the communist era, first named KGRR (Kiemer's great republic of ranks) starting off as ranks given to citizens. This was then demolished as Emil started to do a new government, KOP (Kiemer's oligarchy parliament) which contained of the house of commons, house of representatives and house of lords. Currently there are 19 estimated people in the government focusing on social democracy. After Polstowia gained Karnidid, they started their own government, the NMKA which focused on liberalism.

Political views

Emil didn't associate themselves as a political person, although their mother mentions that they would rant about MPs in UK. Emil in this aspect, would believe in socialism. Although it is undefined what their true views are. David claims that they are socialist, whereas Stephshire says they are a Welsh nationalist. Emil mentions they don't care what people associate them with, as long as it isn't a ridiculous or despicable ideology.

Beliefs and interests

Emil's beliefs aren't so focused on religion, Emil was formally Christian but now they believe there is no true evidence of god, if he may be real or not (known as Agnosticism). Interests for Emil varies, as stated themselves; "I have to add my interests in my bio because it changes so often." Right now, Emil is focused on Titanic and other ocean liners. The keen interests Emil has is around WW2, which they still like today. Another interest is video games, Emil is experienced in Nintendo, since their father's childhood games were based around the NES. Emil explored a range of different Nintendo games on different consoles.

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