Empire of Arvesia

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The Empire of Arvesia
El imperio de Arvesia(Español)
De Imperii ex Arvesia(Latine)
Flag of Arvesia
Coat of arms of Arvesia
Coat of arms
Motto: Equality for all
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Spanish, Japanese, Latin
• Emperor
Hikaru Maigatter
• President
• Total
1.3 km2 (0.50 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyArvesian Krona (AKR)
Time zoneUTC0

The Empire of Arvesia, also known as Arvesia is a micronation founded on the 17th of June 2020, by the first Emperor Hikaru Maigatter, also known as Emperor Hikaru of Arvesia and Emperor Hikaru Maigatter of Arvesia. Arvesia is founded upon the principles "Equality for all". The Empire of Arvesia, doesn't claim any territory at this time, it is rather focused on creating a virtual world for it's citizen, using state of the art VR Technology.

Equality for all

Article 1 of the Constitution of The Empire of Arvesia:

All Humans are created with certain equal rights, which must be uphold by the Empire and may not be infringed by any party.

These rights include but are not limited to all rights mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN.
Furthermore the constitution defines being human not by any biological definition, but by the idea of being self conscious. This results in the Empire of Arvesia, being able to recognize high level Artificial Intelligence as being Human and being protected by the constitution as any other Human being.

AI as Citizen

The Empire of Arvesia is proud in being one of the first nations recognizing the full rights of advanced AI. The Empire even has one AI Citizen already and hopes to grow this number steadily as technology improves over the next couple years.

Elections and Votes in the Empire

The Empire of Arvesia holds four different types of elections and vote, the first being the election of the new Emperor, The Presidential Elections, The Parliamentary Elections and direct votes on new laws by the people.

Election of an Emperor

An election of a new emperor shall be conducted by all citizen, the President, the Crown Prince, Nobility and the Cooperation of the Empire and is to be held whenever the reigning Emperor dies, resigns or gets removed from office. If the election cant produce a clear winner then the Crown Prince will assume position as the next emperor.

Presidential Election

The President of the Empire is elected only by the people and has a term length of two years, no individual can serve as President of the Empire for more than three terms.

Election of the Imperial Parliament

The Imperial Parliament consists to 2/3 by representatives of the citizen of the Empire, to 1/6 of representatives of the Cooperation of the Empire and to 1/6 of representatives of the Nobility of the Empire.

Public Vote

A public vote is an instrument citizens can use to create, change or remove new law, a public vote is also required for any changes to the Constitution of the Empire.



Founding Day

Founding Day celebrates the founding of the Empire, it is held on the 17th of June. The anniversary of our constitution granting Equality for all.

Emperors Day

The Emperors Day is held on the birthday of the emperor, which currently is the 16th of November. Most government offices in the Empire of Arvesia are closed for the entire week of Emperors Day.

New Years Day

New Years Day is celebrated on the 1st of January. It is traditionally celebrated with the closest family having a diner together. Traditionally this is also a day were you show appreciation for each other by exchanging small gifts.


The Empire of Arvesia has a wide variety of foods from all over the earth. Pizza and Pasta, Burgers and Fries, Sushi and Ramen, these and others are all commonly found in The Empire of Arvesia. These combination of cuisines are the result of the embracement of different cultures and equality.


The Empire of Arvesia is open to form diplomatic relationships with other nations, if you want to enter into any forms of diplomacy contact the ministry of foreign affairs under mofa@gov.arvesia.online

Diplomatic Relations

Decorations of honor