Empire of Epasiera

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Empire of Epasiera
Império de Epasiera (Portuguese)
Imperio de Epasera (Esperanto)
Imperio de la Epasera (Spanish)
Empire du Epaser (French)
إمبراطورية إمباسيرا (Arabic)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Paco kaj Honoro"
"Peace and Honour"
Anthem: Chant du Depárt
Epasieran claims on globe map
Epasieran claims on plane map
LocationBrazil, Morocco, Spain, France
Primeira Vista
Official languagesPortuguese, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Arabic
Recognised national languagesPortuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic
Ethnic groups
  • 80% Mixed Race
  • 10% White
  • 10% Black
(Officially Laic Secular State)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
HIM Felipe I
• Current Ruling House
House of Felmer
LegislatureNational Parliament of Epasiera
• Independence
29 October 2022
• Constitution ratified
31 October 2022
CurrencyEpasieran Cake(de jure) Brazilian Real(de facto)
Time zoneUTC-3 (BRT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+55
Internet TLD.fm

The Empire of Epasiera (Portuguese:Império da Epasiéra) (Esperanto:Imperio de Epasera) (Spanish:Imperio de la Epasera) (Arabic:إمبراطورية إمباسيرا) (French:Empire du Epaser), more commonly known as Epasiera, is a micronation in South America ruled as an Absolute Monarchy in which the Emperor or an Empress(choosen Hereditarily in the current ruling royal house) has an strong power in the executive power.


The name Epasiera means "Land of the Epasierans" originally adopted to refer the people of the nation that was known as "epasierans"



First Republic (2020–September 2022)

The Republican era started when Felipe de Oliveira, indignant about the crime and corruption in Brazil and dreaming in ruling an country, after searching about creating countries, he found articles about Micronationalism. It was when he became very interested about it and founded Silbervia in his house backyard. Proclaiming Himself as President of Silbervia in 19 September 2020. Also in September 2022, He Proclaimed himself as King of Silbervia.

September Monarchy

The September Monarchy started when Felipe de Oliveira dissolved the Republic, estabilished the monarchy, wrote an new constitution and proclaimed himself as King of Silbervia after population's stability problems.

Proclamation of Epasiera

Felipe officialy dissolved Silbervia in October 2022 and Proclaimed Epasiera standing with Monarchist system.

Politics and government

Epasiera is an Absolute monarchy where the Emperor or an Empress has an strong power in the executive power, have's the power of appoint the ministers in the parliament and rules the capital region of Primeira vista. Also the Emperor Represents the nation in internacional scenario like in meetings and applications to Organizations.

Foreign relations

Since 2020 (in Silbervia) the government keeped trying to establish diplomatic relations establishing the Ministry of Diplomacy of Silbervia(Named Ministry of Diplomacy of Epasiera nowdays). After, applying for join Micronational Organizations.

Geography and Climate

Epasiera was founded in the garden located in the house of the founder in the city of São Paulo, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. and has a tropical climate of altitude, with average annual temperature between 18 degrees Celsius and high thermal amplitude. The surroundings are covered by tiny parts of the Atlantic Forest and very urbanized. But also the Epasieran government have claims on tiny spaces of land in Morocco, France Spain and in another piece of land in the Northeast region of Brazil on the state of Sergipe.

Imperial Divisions

The Primeira Vista region is also ruled by the Epasieran Crown.

Arms Picture Name Country Residents Duke Date of Foundation

Union of South American Duchies
Arms of Primeira Vista N/A Duchy of Primeira Vista
Ducado da Primeira Vista
 Brazil 2 Felipe I December 2020
Arms of Sarenia N/A Duchy of Sarenia
Ducado da Sarênia
 Brazil 3 Not yet appointed October 2022
Arms of Berrybenia N/A Duchy of Berrybenia
Ducado da Amorenia
 Brazil 0 Greg the Cat July 2021

Union of European Duchies
Arms of Primeira Vista N/A Duchy of Sacioun
Ducado de Sácion
Duché du Sacioun
 France 1 Not yet appointed October 2022
Arms of Primeira Vista N/A Duchy of Cardava
Ducado de Cárdava
 Spain 4 Not yet appointed October 2022

Union of African Duchies
Arms of Primeira Vista N/A Duchy of Cossobia
Ducado de Cossóvia
دوقية كوساو
 Morocco 2 Not yet appointed October 2022



The most famous sport is the Table tennis such as recognized as the national sport. But also there are other famous sports recognized among the Epasieran people like the football, the regular tennis, the handball, the volleyball(the Emperor's favorite), the basketball. Since February 2022, The Epasieran government has been facilitating the creation of leagues for sports, decreasing the Burocracy for the foundation of leagues.


The Epasieran cuisine is influenced by the Brazilian cuisine, having the most common ingredients the Rice, Beans, the Picanha and other types of meat used in Churrasco famous in the South region and in the South of the Southeast Region of Brazil. Also the japanese cuisine is present in Epasiera on the territory located in Liberdade with popular dishes like the Temaki and the Sushi.

National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January Commemoration of the start of Gregorian Year.
International Women's Day 8 March Commemoration of the achivements of women.
International Workers' Day 1 May Honouration of the contributions that worker's do to society.
Emperor's BDay 18 September Birthday of HIM Felipe I.
Independence Day 29 October Commemoration of the Independence.
Christmas Day 25 December Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

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