Empire of Flavium

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The Empire Of Flavium
Coat of arms
Motto: Sharp like an Eagle's eye
Anthem: Mozart's 40th symphony
Flavium Territory.jpg
Eagleton, Flavium
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Slovak
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy with elements of Direct democracy
• Emperor
Filip I
Establishment2020 (unofficially 2019)
• (as of 2023 census) census
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

The Empire of Flavium is a micronation located in central Europe and from all sides bordered by Slovakia. The micronation was created in mid-summer of 2020 and declared full independence on the 24th of December 2020, however, it first appeared as an entity called House Flavius in May 2019. After those 4 years, it has experienced a lot of wartime.

The Empire's flag is a golden Aquilla (eagle) with golden leaves around it on a crimson red field. The Anthem is Mozart's 40th symphony, the first movement. In the Empire, a currency called Orion was created and is used to this day also in other micronations.

The territory is made out of four regions: Eagleton, Microlake reservation, Tuji Carie province, and Imperial Land. It is also made out of many colonies all over the world.

Flagpole in Eagleton, 3m tall

History of conflicts

The Peter Uprising:

The first time Flavium came into existence. The Peter Uprising was the first conflict of Flavium, and it lasted 1 week. It was fought between the Peter Organisation and Flavium. After ''Operation Forest'' which included many deception tactics, the P.O. was greatly weakend and reduced to a small territory. When Flavium was about to deal the final blow, P.O. conditionally surrendered.

The second Peter Uprising:

A year after the First Peter Uprising happened, a strengthened P.O with double the men as before and more hardware came emerging from the ashes. They built small forts and outposts as a way to keep themselves safe, and to show the world that they were not to be messed with. After they ambushed a small Flavian force, it was decided to attack back. The P.O. with its new army succeeded for the first week, and after Flavium was greatly pushed back, it was decided to take the most drastic measures. Flavium made a scheme in which they pretended to surrender, and after the P.O. was coming to collect loot, Flavian forces attacked. After pushing back the P.O. to its original size, many inhabitants fled to Flavium. This time the Flavian forces were not willing to accept surrender, so they finally attacked and destroyed what was left of the P.O.

The great skirmish:

It was the last attempt at saving the P.O. After getting new recruits, the P.O decided to focus on small ambushes they could win. The Flavian tactic against this was to always move in big armies and never split up. It worked and after bombarding the P.O.'s base, a peace agreement was reached

The war of organisations:

After Flavium was officialy created, with it came the new colony of Panameria. New organisations and groups emerged. Mainly one called ''007'' (reference to the James Bond movies). The 007 kept taking up land from Panameria, so Flavium retaliated with long bombardments of 007 lands. After seeing the turmoil happening, another new organisation joined, called the ''0027'' (it was made up of ex-007 members). However the 0027 was not succesful at all and surrendered to Flavium after a short time. After a brief period of peace, the 007 striked again. This time Flavium invaded their lands and occupied most of them. A peace treaty was signed, basically devastating the 007. There were attempts to bring it back, but not any succesful ones.

The war against the Reunited Ocean States:

The only war of Flavium not fought on land. In this war a new section of the Imperial Army Division was made: the Ministry of IT Technologics. It was made up of cyberbots made by Flavian programmers designed to confuse the enemy. After the bots succeeded in their jobs, a peace aggreement was reached between Flavium and the ROS


List of colonies:

Wareroom House, Malvarmo Territory, Colonial Territory, Panameria, Beloofwian East Commence, Porr East Commence, Leaf Island, Osterempire, Flavian Serbia, Novum Flavium, Lemonade Stand, Colonial Municipality of Dolomito, Terrum Pacifico, Asio Sasania, Megalo Medite, South Limas, Skystan, Island of Ftená, Meduza, Prima Hispa, Rock Tavill, Guyaname, Bradionian Territory, Rockháč Island, Nordic England, Porto Lionne, Firenze Garden, Terra Fluvis, DanStan Naval Base, Stephens Swan, Aquil' Elyseés, Flavia Cataluna, Valiquilia, Federal Governate of Parteiland, Flavia Bernabeu, Archaioi Pylones, Cross Fortiza


As previously said, the Flavian national currency is the Orion. The exchange rate of it to the Euro is 1OR = 0,2€. All government and privatly owned business ventures accept both OR and € (however not USD,

Pounds Sterling or any other currency).

Flavian GDP rising: 2019-2020: 10%

2020-2021: 35%

2021-2022: 60%

2022-2023: 40%

2023- 15%

Biggest industries:

The biggest of Flavium's industries are Agriculture, Drink consuming industry, Automotive industry, Metal industry


There are lots of fields on Flavian soil. Most of them produce carrots, cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, raspberries, parsley, corn, onion and others. Agriculture makes up around 25% of the Flavian GDP

Example of a Flavian license plate

Drink consuming industry:

Flavium has its own iconic drink - Wings Water. It has different flavours like lemon, lime and seasonal flavours

Automotive industry:

The Empire makes a good amount of money on vehicle registration. It costs 100OR to register a vehicle with the Flavian government.


IAD (Imperial Army Division):

FG Orealis

The Imperial Army Division is the main section of the Flavian millitary. It is also the most funded section. All recruits have to go through IAD training, even the ones who want to be in a different one.

The uniform of the IAD consists of a grey jacket or coat, black pants, black or grey boots, a black scarf, a black helmet, protection glasses and mask.

Weapons in use of the IAD are mostly airsoft type. Mainly bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic rifles. That is to teach the importance of each bullet fired and not to waste a single one.

An important part of an IAD soldier is his sword, tucked in his belt.

IAD (Imperial Air Division):

The Imperial Air Division is an important part of the Flavian millitary. It only consits of aircraft. Most used aircraft are RC controlled. Mainly the Flavian F22 Raptor, Recon drones of different makers and gliders.

IND (Imperial Navy Division):

This is the second smallest part of the Imperial millitary. However its vessels are highly celebrated. mainly the most famous one: FG Orealis. It is a RC controlled ship. It usually sails around the colonies of Leaf Island and Terra Fluvis

the IND goes on regular sailings with manned rowing canoes on our rivers every year, based in the colony of DanStan Naval Base

Canoes of the Flavian navy around DanStan Naval base

IG (Imperial Guard)

The Imperial Guard is the most distinctive out of all the sections of the millitary, because it only uses traditional weapons. With armor like the ancient Romans and Spartans and swords, spears, etc.

It guards the capital city Eagleton and the main part of Flavium

ICD (Imperial Cyber Division)

This is the newest section of the Flavian millitary. It only exists online and it was made to protect against spam raids or any annoying/destructive type of activity against Flavium. The Empire is proud to say,

that all the bots that are in use were made by Flavian programmers. This division has never lost

Eagleton - the capital city

Eagleton was founded in 2020. The Empire of Flavium was built on and around it. The city contains the most important buildings in Flavium:

Flag around the Castle and Official Estate
  • The Castle (now being renovated) - It is the headquarters of the Emperor
  • The Official Estate - It is the home of many ministries and warhouses with millitary hardware
  • The Grand Tuja Estate - It is the only real estate being sold in Eagleton
  • Main Border Crossing - it is the biggest official border crossing between Slovakia and the Empire of Flavium
  • Flag path - Main path going accross Eagleton and leads to the biggest flagpole in the country (shown above) and to other parts of Flavium (Microlake Reservation, Tuji Carie Province, Imperial Land)

50OR banknotes

External links

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/empire.of.flavium/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@empireofflavium5181

Gov site: https://sites.google.com/view/empire-of-flavium/domov

Radio: https://zeno.fm/radio/radio-aquilla/