Empire of Jennytopia

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Empire of Jennytopia
Ymerodraeth Jennytopia (Welsh)
Flag of Jennytopia.png
Coat of arms of Jennytopia.png
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Ne peteret, et non habetis (trans: "Don't ask, don't get")
File:Landlocked in North-west England
Official languagesEnglish,Welsh
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Monarch
Empress Jennifer
Establishment1 August 2019
• Census
Time zoneUTC

The Empire of Jennytopia was formed on 1 August 2019 as an absolute monarchy ruled by its founder, Empress Jennifer. It is a landlocked country situated approximately 12 miles from the centre of Manchester, in North-West England.

Internal Affairs


Jennitopia maintains a small army, navy and air force.

External Affairs


Kohlandia has signed a peace treaty, trade deal and mutual cooperation agreement with the neighbouring micronation of Jennytopia. This agreement includes the shared use of military facilities and mutual cooperation on construction projects.

Power Sharing Agreement with Kohlandia

Jennytopia was engaged in a power struggle for control of the disputed land between itself and the Kingdom of Kohlandia. This struggle was resolved with the signing of a peace treaty and associated mutual cooperation pact that agreed to share power over the disputed land between Jennytopia and Kohlandia.

Recognition of other micronations

Jennytopia recognises the following nations: