Empire of Monaquia

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Empire of Monaquia
Motto: Advance and Advance
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Charles IV Emperor of Monarquia
• prime minister
2thDuke of Welink, Arthur Charles Scott(2015〜2016),3thSir Thomas Henry(2016)
EstablishmentFebruary 10, 2015
• Census


Monacia was later in the Federal Republic of Monakah by the Duke of Welink.Arthur Charles Scott became president of the Federal Republic of Monakia, but disappeared in February 2017.


As of 2018, the Imperial Parliament has been suspended.

・prime minister and Imperial Army minister, Duke of Welink, Arthur Charles Scott(2015〜2016)

・Deputy Prime Minister and Imperial Parliamentary Chair, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sir Thomas Henry(2016)