Empire of Muskratia

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Empire of Muskratia
Flag of Muskratia
Motto: "In Buddy we Trust"
Anthem: "Einen jodler hör i gern"
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish, French, German
Roman Catholicism
• Emperor
LegislatureImperial Parliament of the Empire of Muskratia
Establishment20 July 2020
• Estimate
Time zoneMuskratian Royal Time (MRT)
Driving sideright

Muskratia, officially the Empire of Muskratia, is a micronation located in the US State of New York.


Muskratia (Mus crat ēa) is an absolute monarchy created in the American state of New York. Muskratia was started by HIM Emperor Marek Eggington Solakius Buzia Squirtzle I on July 20, 2020. Their claims are: The room, back yard, and front yard of HIM. various locations on Lake Ontario (Raddenhaulphe) and some Antarctic islands: Snow Island (Renamed Arnium), Low Island (Renamed Samgrad), and Deception Island (Renamed Peteria), not to mention the various forest claims.\\

Humor and Orgins

An important part of Muskratia is satire and comedy, though it was taken fully seriously, humor is the base of the nation. Examples would be its Ministry of D-Fence, the Good Boi Award, or the Order of the Garlic Bread. The original idea for Muskratia's name came from a joke about the name of Elon Musk, or Elongated Muskrat. Muskratia became a tribe until HIM learned about micronations and established the Muskratian Empire. HIM was only officially crowned over a year later, on Halloween 2021.

2020-2020, Ellis War

On 14 August 2020, during an outdoor military training, Muskratia was threatened by the local natives, who had air-soft rifles and had fired them off into the air. HIM led the soldiers to the territory and opened fire (or water) with water rifles. The natives were eventually driven back into their fortress and the army of Muskratia then lay siege to said place until the enemy surrendered. HIM called off the war several days later in triumph.

2020-2021, The Geervac Rebel Wars

On the thirtieth day of the eighth month of the twentieth year of the twenty-first century, a rebellion erupted, causing Muskratian citizens to mobilize against their nation. Notorious for their poor naming skills, the rebels named their new found country “The Magic Place County” due to lack of creativity. They were swiftly put down, but that would only be the start. In under a year, roughly 5-6 rebellions took place, some being so small, insignificant, and obscure that the Muskratian Historical Society has little record of them. The second one was called "The Grove" due to the new forest headquarters of the rebels. Revolt after revolt, the grand finale came, the nation of Geervac. Muskratia led a series of attacks (including an armory raid and a bridge demolition) and eventually won.

2022-present, Muskratia-Nauru War

The Republic of Nauru is a small island country located in Micronesia and is led by President Russ Kun.. Muskratia has been officially at war with Nauru since 20 March 2022 due to both Nauru's neglect towards the nature of the island and overlapping land claims. Muskratia only formally made a war declaration on said day, but had technically been at war with Nauru since 2021.

2022-2022, Muskratia-Iyota War, also known as the "Asterisk War"

The Muskratia-Iyota War is a conflict started on April 22, 2022 over the Iyotans rejecting an offer was made by HIM Marek Squirtzle. The offer described the reasons to immediately surrender their nation to Muskratia. On June 17, 2022, a formal peace treaty and a Mutual-Recognition and Non-Aggression Pact was drawn up after over a month of relentless insults from Iyotans. Little did the Iyotan delegation know, that on the back of this treaty was a small footnote that read:

"*with the signing of this document, the Iyotan signatories agree to hand over Iyota and it`s territory"

While editing the document, the Iyotan signatory saw this and wrote:

"By signing this, Muskratia herbey surrender to Iyota"

But, since it was technically a Muskratian document, and violated the Muskratian Footnote Code by having no asterisk and a spelling error, the "footnote" was nullified. After the Iyotan delegation signed, HIM pointed their violation out, and from then on, Iyota was under the rule of HIM, Emperor Marek Eggington Solakius Buzia Squirtzle I

Iyota is now known as The Kingdom of Muskratian-Iyota, where Marek Squirtzle is High King and Sovereign Protector.

2022-2023, The Muskratian Civil War

The Muskratian Civil War was a conflict that began on December 2, 2022, and ended on January 19th, 2023. The war was started after an uprising led by a group of teachers, the leader of which being Mr. F, otherwise known as T-Fan.


Honors and Distinctions

The most commonly awarded honor is the Order of the Garlic Bread, a guild for those who have served or assisted Muskratia in great ways. Notable recipients include: Marek Squirtzle, Kevin Baugh, and Queen Anastasia. Other awards are the Order of the Emperor, for those who have served the Emperor, the Order of the Rubber Duck, for achieving excellence in comedy, the Muskratian Medal of Military Honor, the Order of the Golden Dog Bone, given to those who have served the dogs in great ways. The highest honor in the empire is the Order of the Star of Buddy. The Order of the Star of Buddy can be awarded for many things, such as exceptional and outstanding service to the dogs and the same kind of service to Muskratia.


Paper money in Muskratia is Gofferets while coins and fractions of Gofferets are Gophers. Both are still in development, but aside from that Muskratians barter valuable items. Eventually, HIM introduced the Sugar Packet and Moist Towelette Standard, backing all currency with said items. A sugar packet can be exchanged for 100 Gofferets, a moist towelette can be exchanged for 500 Gofferets.


The Imperial Muskratian Armed Forces, more commonly known as IMAF, are the combination of the Royal Muskratian Army, the Royal Muskratian Navy, the Royal Muskratian Air Force, the Imperial Marines, the Imperial Guard, the Doggo Force, and finally, the Muskratian Imperial Space Team (M.I.S.T.). These combined forces work to protect Muskratia. The first deployment IMAF soldiers was in the Ellis War.


On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, Muskratian Space Travel and Rocket Development (M.U.S.T.A.R.D.) replaced the Muskratian Space Agency (M.S.A.) as the space agency of Muskratia. This organization is in charge of launching all rockets and ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Mustard). A large advancement in technology was made, from foam rockets (Budmeister 1, 2 , 3, 4 , 5, and 6) and a cheap telescope to a high quality ICBM that launched recently and two top-of-the-line telescopes.

Puppet States

Muskratia has many states under the rule and influence of HIM, here is a complete list:

  • The Grand Saltunate of Spicerackistan
  • The Grand Kingdom of Flechensteine
  • The Grand Kingdom of Muskratian-Iyota

Imperial Commonwealth

The Empire has a commonwealth similar to that of the United Kingdom’s. Member states remain technically independent, but under control of the Empire.