Empire of Progle

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Empire of Progle
Progle's flag.jpg
Motto: To Be Different Is To Be Powerful
National Anthem: None official
Capital Progolia
Denonym Progolian
Government Similar to Moralistic Absolute Monarchy
Founded January 17, 2009
Area 10,000 Square Feet (counting only terrestrial land)
Location Utah/space
Official language English
National Bird Quail
National drink Hot Chocolate
National Insect Centipede
National Colors Flag colors: Green, red, blue
Population 65
Currency Dollar
Leader Emperor Wolfe, Vice Emperor Frank
Number of wars fought Two
Religion Proglish

The Empire of Progle, or simply Progle for short, is a micronation created on January 17, 2009. Progle is noted for being especially weird and unusual.

Land Claims

Progle claims much land, which varies in size and sometimes far apart. Here is a list:

Terrestrial Lands

  • Wolfania, largest of the terrestrial land claims. Named for Emperor.
  • Progolia, most populated part of Progle. Progle's capital.
  • Zadonia, smallest of the Terrestrial land claims. Newest land to be claimed.

Extraterrestrial Lands

  • Binary Star System, a binary star system with no official name and the Astronomical Catalogue Number TYC 3640-34-1.
  • NGC 2537, a galaxy which happens to be the largest of Progle's land claims, but ironically the least populated. Contains Eminoon, which is a top secret government location.
  • Fasdonium, a solar system that's existence is not yet confirmed.


Although citizens of Progle have the freedom of religion, the official religion of Progle is known as Proglish. There are approximately nine practicers of Proglish. The core belief of the Proglish is being weird, and that being weird is the secret to happiness. Their god is Harold, a giant Rubik's cube that lives in a turkey in Fasdonium. Proglish churches are known as Vavaltas, of which there is currently one.


Progle has 10 government officials. They are, in order of power:

  • Emperor: Wolfe P.
  • Vice Emperor: Frank M.
  • Secretary of State: Milly H.
  • Secretary of Weirdness: Adam P.
  • Secretary of the Treasury: Amy M.
  • Secretary of Homeland Security: Alexander V.
  • Secretary of Education: Bridget G.
  • Secretary of the Interior: Doug H.
  • Secretary of Secretaries: Max M.
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Raine P.


Progle has no official law or law enforcement system. Progle does have 11 main laws, both serious and not:

  • No Murder
  • No Theft
  • No Torture
  • No Disturbing public property
  • No smoking within Progle (can be done by any Progolian of legal age if they are outside of Progle borders)
  • No whacking your cousin with a yellow carpet with purple stripes between 11:00 AM and 11:01
  • No eating whale blubber or marble columns longer than 20 feet.
  • No flying kites in a bathroom.
  • No sawing your underwear in half on Wednesday.
  • No applying makeup to nose with a yellow bow-tie.
  • No drawing French mustaches on pictures of Smurfs.

Violations of these laws cause termination of citizenship of Progle. If any act that is considered a crime is committed by a Progolian but that is not covered by the existing laws, whether or not the committer is expelled from Progle is decided by a vote from the top government officials.


  • January 17 - Progle Day

A day celebrating the creation of Progle.

  • February 13 - Wolfe Day

A day celebrating Emperor Wolfe P.

  • March 3 - August 5 Day

A day in March honoring the day of August 5th. Celebrations include confusing people by asking them what day in August it is.

  • March 18 - Lick an Extension Cord Day

A holiday dedicated to what it's name says; licking an extension cord. It is suggested to unplug it first, however.

  • April 5 - Wear a Lock on Your Nose Day


  • April 9 - Frank Day

A holiday for celebrating Vice Emperor Frank M.

  • May 59 - Nonexistent Day

Celebrating nonexistent things. Celebrations traditionally start at 13 O'clock and end at 26:70.

  • June 3 - Unlucky Day

This holiday is to celebrate unluckiness. Celebrations include walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and stepping on cracks.

  • June 8 - Make Up a Holiday Day

On this day, Progolians are encouraged to send us possible holidays.

  • June 9 - The First War Victory Day

A day to celebrate Progle's first victory in war, on 6/9/09. Celebrated by putting up the Progolian flag.

  • July 7 - Try To Fly Day

This is a day to try to learn to fly. Any person who can fly on this day (without an airplane or other flying devices) will be considered magic and be given five bucks, a squid burger and fries.

  • July 27 - Hug A Tree Day


  • August 12 - Destroy Something Random Day

This holiday is self-explanatory.

  • September 16 - Eat a Popsicle Day


  • October 5 - Don't Listen To Disco Day

Any person caught listening to disco on this day will be banned from becoming/staying a citizen of Progle for 38 seconds.

  • November 4–4 November

Progle's version of 4 July. Celebrations include setting off "goat-brain free" fireworks and eating seedless fruit.

  • December 26 - Don't Give Any Presents Day


First Friday of Every Month - Be Weird Day Although Progle believes in being weird every day, they especially encourage this on these "sacred" days.


Progle is allied with the following nations:

Template:Country data Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Empyre Template:Country data Flag of Patetopia.png Patetopia Template:Country data Flag of Wilkland.png Wilkland Template:Country data Untitled.jpg Republic of Varcetia


Here is a list of Progle's insignia:

  • National tree: Catalpa
  • National bird: Quail
  • National dessert: Mint Chocolate chip Ice Cream
  • National toy: Mighty Beanz
  • National reptile: House gecko
  • National vine: Honeysuckle
  • National drink: hot chocolate
  • National gum: Bazooka
  • National Motto: To be different is to be powerful
  • National sport: Marbles
  • National soap: Suave ocean breeze
  • National insect: Centipede
  • National food: Spaghetti
  • National comic: Peanuts
  • National fish: Beta-fish


To date, Progle has had three wars, the first two fought with a much smaller micronation known as "Packardstan."

The first war was fought between March 25, 2009 to June 9, 2009. The second between June 13, 2009 to present.

The third was declared in mid September, 2010, by the Draco Republic.

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