February 2019 Aenderese Presidential Election

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The February 2019 Aenderese Presidential Election were a series of elections in the Aenderese Republic from February 9th to February 18th to elect the president of the Aenderese Government. The series of elections were the longest election in Aenderese history, spanning 9 days. It is the first time that multiple former president candidates of the republic decided to run again.

The Centrist - Social Democrat Party, led by Jayden Lycon, won 2 out of the 3 elections, while getting a tie in the first election, therefore assuming office of the president. The Мульти-Микронациональная Коммунистическая Партия (MMKN) Party, led by Thomas Warner, became the lead opposition party. The Communist Party, led by Chau Khang, was designated as a minor party, as with the Progress Party, led by Piotr Harniakiewicz and the Ejercito National Por Libertad (BONRA) Party led by Francisco Antonio Guerrero.

Following the election, the State Emergency Council gave up its supervision as the Centrist - Social Democrat Party formed the new government.


Following the deletion of the Aenderese Republic Discord server, then-Vice President Milaw Oakforrest took ownership of the republic, and therefore the Republic was in State Emergency Council supervision.

Due to huge interest within the Aenderese citizens, Vice President Oakforrest requested that an election should be held to form a new Aenderese government.

Campaign slogans

Party Slogan
Centrist - Social Democrat For a better Aenderia.
Мульти-Микронациональная Коммунистическая Партия unknown
Progress Let's make Aenderia great again!
Communist unknown
Ejercito Nacional Por Libertad unknown

First election (9th February 2019)