Federal Aerospace Research Organization

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Federal Aerospace Research Organization
Owner Federated States
Established 2009
Headquarters Ives Tongue, East Antarctica
McAuliffe International Spaceport
Administrator Devon Moore (acting)
Official languages English, Russian, French

The Federal Aerospace Research Organization, also known as FARO, is the proposed space agency for the Federated States of Antarctica. The organization would be run by the government and would have no connection with the military (as is with NASA). The current budget of of FARO would be spent on space research, with the possibility rockets and human spaceflight.

Research goals

The current budget of FARO would be centered around space research, including a government funded extrasolar planet survey, SETI program, satellites, and basic rocket and aeronautics programs. This includes international cooperation with other space programs, including ESA, NASA, and Roscosmos.

Future programs can and should include rockets, interplanetary probes, and even human spaceflight. Because of the Federated States' stance on non-fossil fuels, it could become a more likely stance for FARO to move its research from rockets and into the development of a space elevator, becoming the first space nation to do so without designing rockets, but this would require the help from either the United States or Russia.


Project 'Itlh

Project 'Itlh is the proposed SETI program funded by FARO. Because the southern states have winters of total darkness and a sky that barely moves, it would become the perfect area in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. The project is named after the Klingon word meaning advanced or highly developed (a fitting name for the search).

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