Federal Network

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Federal Network
LeaderDaniel Anderson
Founded23 April 2011
Dissolved26 January 2012
HeadquartersAlston, NCD
NewspaperNone (de facto The Sirocco Times)
National affiliationOAM, Sirocco, Tiana, Zealandia
ColoursBlue, white

Aligned to the New Zealand National Party, the Conservative Union and the Federal Network

The Federal Network was a group of conservative political parties in Sirocco, Tiana, Zealandia and the Organisation of Active Micronations. Comprised of the Siroccan Federal Party (SFP), Tianan Federal Conservative Party (TFCP), the National Peoples Party (NPP) and the OAM Liberal Party (Liberal), respectively, its aim was for conservative representation in more socialist spheres of influence (particularly in Tiana, Zealandia and the OAM). While the Network was formerly a separate organisation, it eventually became a subgroup of the Conservative Union, although as a more active opponent towards socialist-dominated governments.


The Federal Network was formed on 23 April 2011 following the formation of the Tianan Federal Conservative Party that day. Initially the Network comprised of solely Federal and Federal Conservative, but within a short time two more parties joined the organisation. The Siroccan Federal Party was seen as the "leader party" of the Network, and as such the National Peoples Party, Tianan Federal Conservative and OAM Liberal parties are considered branches of the SFP. For the organisation's entire history the Siroccan Federal Party was the only Federal Network member to be in government, however for a period of time in 2010 the National Peoples Party (Zealandia) was in power, although this was before the Federal Network's formation.

The organisation was unofficially dissolved on 26 January 2012 with the dissolution of the Tianan Federal Conservative Party.


The following is a table showing the member parties and their government status during the organisation's activity:

Nation Name Government
OAM-logo.png OAM OAM Liberal Party No in opposition
 Sirocco Siroccan Federal Party Yes in government
Tiana.png Tiana Tianan Federal Conservative Party No in opposition
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia National Peoples Party No in opposition