Federation Treaty

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The Federation Treaty, officially called the Treaty of the Charter Members of the Federation was signed by four California micronations in 1972. The leaders of the nations of Iswas (Craig Carter), USSM (Mark Jones), West Who (John Farr) and Now What (Randy Jensen) signed a mutual aid treaty. The four nations were among thirteen micronations that had developed in California in the early 1970s. The Federation Treaty agreed that member nations would create a federation force which would amount to 5% of the military of each nation to act as a security and protection force. It also stipulated that signatories should expect kindness from each other, not declare war on each other and behave as the treaty stated as "an ally is an ally forever". The treaty was signed by Prime Minister Craig Carter, Supreme Commander Mark Jones, President John Farr and Emperor Randy Jensen in Corona, California.

California Micronations of the 1970s - The Federation Treaty members came from a group of micronations established between late 1969 and 1975 in Southern California. The nations and their leaders were West Who - President John Farr, Iswas - Prime Minister Craig Carter, U.S.S.M. (United Socialist Serving Mark) - Supreme Commander Mark Jones, Now What - Emperor Randy Jensen, Republic of Nitshky Vitskay - President Dyke Reese, North Where - President Mike Farr, New Burg - Leader Billy Farr, Confederation of Merea - President Jim Drake, Wassaki - Dictator Brian Limbaugh, South Has - Leader Gary Becker, South Why - President Glenn Miles, Has Been - President Ronnie Hall, Phantom Island - President Darrell Johnson. All nations are defunct with the exception of West Who.

President Farr 1971 Prime Minister Carter 1973 Supreme Commander Mark Jones

The Federation Treaty of 1972 in the West Who National Museum