Fort Woodchuck (Military Base)

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Fort Woodchuck
Fort Woodchuck District
TypeArmy post
Site information
Controlled byRepublic of Fort Woodchuck
Site history
Built? August 2014
In use2014-Present
Battles/warsUnited States-Woodchuckian War
Garrison information
Allen J. Hanna
Garrison1st Woodchuckian Infantry Division
Occupants1st Woodchuckian Infantry Division
2nd Naval Infantry

Fort Woodchuck was a military base in the Fort Woodchuck District. The fort was originally called Fort Allen while under the United States. The fort is shared by the 1st Woodchuckian Infantry Division and the 2nd Naval Infantry, but it's owned by the 1st Woodchuckian Infantry Division.


The fort was built in 2016 and was not yet named. It was first used as an area for special events until the discovery of cement under the fort that started the March Dig-up, a project that wanted to remove the layer of dirt and leaves to reveal the underground cement base. After the project, the fort was named Fort Silvis, the name would soon be renamed to Fort Allen. In September 2021, the de-facto government of Fort Allen wanted a full change and renamed the fort to Fort Woodchuck, due to the abundance of Woodchucks around the area.