Freedomian Commonwealth

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The Freedomian Commonwealth is a commonwealth of micronations founded on 7 April 2011 at 12:22 PM. The Commonwealth began initially with three member nations, including Freedomia. The Republic of Legendstries, Georgeton and the Republic of Lakewood were the first nations to join. The Charter was presented to the council on 9 April and was signed by Dakoda George and Markus II.

Shortly afterward, the Commonwealth entered a state of inactivity, and was dissolved in September. However, the Commonwealth was revived in November, and now claims several members. In the new commonwealth, it is a council of member-states, and no Secretary-General, Protector, or anything else exists for supreme titles in the organization.

In January, after losing the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan, the United Gerenian Republic became a member-state of the Commonwealth.

Member nations

The member nations are as follows:

Flag of dekker.png Co-Principality of Dekker

180px-Flagfreedomia.jpg Empire-Republic of Freedomia

Republic of Jayopilos

Republic of Githos

United Gerenian Republic


The Domanglian Federation shares a dispute with the Freedomian Commonwealth, as one of the nations in the Domanglian Commonwealth, Dekker, has recently declared itself to be a member of the Freedomian Commonwealth instead. Domanglia does not recognise Dekker's declaration of independence from the Domanglian Commonwealth, and (as said by the Federal Chancellor of Domanglia, Darkovar I) shall continue not to.

Since Dekker joined the Domanglian Commonwealth on the 5th June 2011, Domanglia has helped Dekker become known about in the micronational community. We have helped the Dekkerans and their nation, the flag of Dekker was infact based on the first flag of the Domanglian Empire. Domanglo-Dekkeran relations were good, and one of the Princes of Dekker is infact my brother, Oliver Crannis. But I will not let all of the things I did for Dekker go to waste! Domanglia shall not recognise the Freedomian reign over Dekker.

— Darkovar I explaining his criticism of the Freedomian Commonwealth