Kingdom of Gendarania

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Kingdom of Gendarania (ENG)

Reino de Gendarania (SPA)

Königreich Gendaranien (GER)

Motto: "God Bless the Land We Love"
Anthem: "March of the Gendaranian!"

The Gendaranian capital of New Phoenix

The Gendaranian Government Crest

Capital: New Phoenix
Official Language(s): English, Polish, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (Traditional)
Demonym: Gendaranian
Government: Elected Monarchy
Monarch Charles of Gendarania
Governor General Sir Jevon A. Perkins
Legislative Body: Gendaranian National Assembly
Foundation: 28 May 2019
Dissolved: 5 November 2019
Fate: Majority annexed by Kyberia, small amount folded into Lanzantonia
Membership: 4
Currency: Gendaranian Dollar
National Website
Member state of the LPN

The Royal Progressive State of Gendarania (more commonly known as the Kingdom of Gendarania) was a self declared sovereign state (best classified as a micronation) located in Gilbert, Arizona and was bordered on all sides by Onderon (a colony of the Empire of Emosia). The country was also a satellite state of the Tsardom of Phokland.


The territory that was the the Kingdom of Gendarania is made up of several small rocky "islands" located in a lake near the center of a large public park. Said islands range in size from as small as eighty square centimeters to as large as three square meters. The natural composition of said islands made Gendarania very barren and virtually impossible to cultivate. Regardless, the islands are home to several forms of exotic bird life, such as Mallard Ducks, Canadian Geese, Mud Hens and Pigeons. As well as several types of aquatic life, such as Red Eared Sliders, Catfish and Blue Gills.

Throughout the majority of the year, almost all of Gendarania's islands could be accessed via the large Emosian island of Onderon. However, during the winter months water depths rise which made travel between islands greatly more difficult and in some cases (such as during times of high rainfall) virtually impossible. Though plans were made to create a bridge of some sort to link the islands together, no such project ever surfaced.


At time of dissolution, Genderania had two military branches. The first one being the Grenztruppen Von Gendarania (Border Forces of Gendarania) which acted as a militarized border force along the Gendaranian-Emosian border. The border police were under the direct command of the sovereign of Gendarania.

The second military branch was the Ordnungspolizei von Gendarania (Order Police of Gendarania). This branch served as the standing army of the nation and was under the direct command of the Governor General (supervised by the National Assembly).


The eighty islands that make up Gendarania were divided into three "cities" each with their own Mayor and representative to the National Assembly, though the Mayor often served both roles.

The job of the Mayor was to represent and govern the city that they were elected to.

These cities were:


Gendaranian culture was greatly inspired by American south/south western and Brittish/English culture. While the vast majority of the nation's citizens resided within the United States, a large minority lived within the United Kingdom and as such much of the customs and popular culture of the UK had worked their way into popular usage within Gendarania.


The nation existed as a passion project/political experiment created by it's sovereign Charles Ross.


Though the populous of the nation were active within the project, Gendarania's government suffered from massive spouts of inactivity (caused mostly by deadlock). This caused great political instability within the nation. This was farther perpetuated by rapidly deteriorating relations with the neighboring country of Emosia.

These poor relations culminated in a diplomatic crises where the Gendaranian government (believing that they were directly threatened by the rapidly expanding empire at their border), declared war on the Empire of Emosia. This deceleration was soon followed up by a Gendaranian military push into the Empire. This attack did not work and the Emosians were able to mount a effective defense and push the Kingdom back over it's borders. It was at this time when Emosian Emperor James I announced that the Kingdom of Gendarania was an immediate threat to his nation and stated that he planned on waging total war against the nation and wished to (in his own words) "liquidate Gendarania".

This vision came to fruition in early November 2019 when the Emosian Imperial Army crossed the border into Gendarania and within 2 hours, was able to successfully invade the entire nation. Seeing this, the government of the Kingdom disbanded and the ensuing cease fire/peace negotiations were negotiated by the now deposed Charles Ross.

These negotiations culminated in the Emosian-Gendaranian Agreement whereas the empire gained all of the former kingdom with the exception of the city of Freestonia. This city would be allowed to maintain independence and following the decision of Mr. Ross to leave the project all together, former Governor-General Jevon A. Perkins was crowned as "Emperor" and the city renamed itself the Empire of Lanzantonia and came into existence as an sovereign Emosian protectorate.


The legislative government of Gendarania was ran by the National Assembly. Said assembly was headed a by a "Governor General" who was selected by whatever political party held the most amount of seats in the assembly, and who's job it was to run the nation as Head of Government, because of the Gendaranian Election Bill, elections took place once every 6 months.

Political Parties

Party Logo Leader Photo Party Leader(s) Position Ideology Ballot Example Representative(s) Governor General
Progressive Conservative Party of Gendarania (PCG) King Charles Ross Centre Right Progressive-Conservatism
2 / 4
0 / 1
Libertarian Party of Gendarania (LPG) Sir William Wilson Centre Classical Liberalism
1 / 4
0 / 1
Progressive Socialist Party of Gendarania (PSG) Governor General Sir Jevon A. Perkins Centre Left Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, Progressive Libertarianism, Left-Wing Patriotism, Environmentalism and Social Liberalism
1 / 4
1 / 1

Foreign Relations

Gendarania held diplomatic relations with several states.