General Assembly of the Global Progressive Association

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The Global Progressive Association General Assembly is one of the main governing body of The Global Progressive Association (GPA) serving as the main deliberative, policymaking, and representative organ of the GPA.

The General Assembly meets under the Director of the General Assembly or the Secretary General of the GPA.

General Assembly
The Global Progressive Association
Founded2nd of June 2021
Erkki Tsaikovsky
Meeting place


The General Assembly was founded on the 2nd of June 2021 with the Global Progressive Association, succeeding and working alongside the Progressive Association.


All Full Members of the GPA are members of the General Assembly.

Observers may be admitted but may not participate in GA Sessions until they have full membership.


The agenda for each session is planned, typically, up to a week in advance so all topics for discussion may be added before the session. At the beginning of a session the final agenda is published.

Items on the agenda are numbered in order of what will be discussed.


Regular Sessions

The General Assembly try and meet on a regular basis to discuss upcoming topics, to develop the GPA and work on assisting Members and Observers.

General Debate

The general debate is a high-level event, typically attended by Member States' Heads of State or Government, Government Ministers and GPA Delegates.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions can be triggered in three different ways, at the request of the Security Council, at the request of a majority of GPA Members States or by a single member, as long as a majority concurs. Special sessions typically cover one single topic and end with the adoption of one or two outcome documents, such as a political declaration, action plan or strategy to combat said topic.

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