Global Micronational Alliance

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Global Micronational Alliance
Intermicronational organisation

Physical Headquarters (2018) Somcow, 9 Federation

(2020) Songo, Directive of Misberia

Online Headquarters Global Micronational Alliance

(Discord Server)

Official language English
Membership 2 Members
Chair (2018) Tony Sweigart

(2020) Otto Gillespie Birch

Vice Chair (2020) Thomas Bainbridge
Supreme Justice (2018) Nicolás Millán

(2020) Vacant

– Foundation (Old) 25 November 2018

(Revived) May 17, 2020

– Constitution ratified TBA
- Implementation of current Charter (Old) 23 December 2018
Official Website:


The Global Micronational Alliance (abbreviated as GMA) is a group of micronations, who strive to perform peaceful negotiations, learn about other micronations, and teach others about their own. The organization has been revived as of May 17, 2020 by Otto Gillespie Birch. This is not to be confused with Grand Micronation Alliance, currently similarities are being resolved.


The Micronational Alliance was founded on the 25 November 2018, with the original 8 members. After restructuring, the alliance reformed was into the Global Micronational Alliance. The alliance grew and at one point was had eleven members at its peak. After a long age of inactivity the Chairman Tony Sweigart dissolved the alliance. The alliance was split into three different organizations after the collapse. The Global Economic Alliance which quickly collapsed after its founding. The Micronational Association, which also collapsed so after its founding. The last organization the United Allied Nations which lives on as the United Allied Nations but over time has become a cornish regional organization. On 17 May 2020, Otto Gillespie Birch of Directive of Misberia decided he wanted to revive the old organization and try to find some of the old members and new ones.



The assemblies in the Global Micronational Alliance are the General Assembly and the Advisory Council.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of heads of the nations apart of the organization, the assembly is designed to help member nations work with one another as well as work on making the alliance function and give back to its members through projects and other things. Meeting agendas can always be found on our talk page.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council are made up of heads of nations who have been elected by the General Assembly to go through membership applications and present the ones which meet the qualifications to the Generally Assembly to be voted on.



The first Chairman was Tony S. of the then 9 Federation.

The second Chairman was Lord Jack of Essexia

The current Chairman is Otto Gillespie Birch of Directive of Misberia

Vice Chairman

The current Vice Chairman is Thomas Bainbridge of Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

Supreme Justice

The first Supreme Justice is Nicolás Millán.

The current Supreme Justice position is vacant.


There was 11 members at the height of the alliance in 2018. There is currently one member of the Global Micronational Alliance

2018 Members

2018 Observers

2020 Members