Government Junta of Richensland

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Transitional Junta for National Reconstruction of Ritshinsland
Junta Peralihan untuk Pembinaan Semula Negara Richensland (Malay)
里琴斯兰国家重建过渡军政府 (Chinese)
ரிச்சென்ஸ்லாந்தின் தேசிய புனரமைப்புக்கான இடைக்கால இராணுவ ஆட்சிக்குழு (Tamil)
State flag of Ritshinsland
Secondary flag of Ritshinsland.svg
Seal of
Motto: Bismillahir rahmanir raheem
'بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ (Arabic)
"in the name of God."
Anthem: "Nashid Adal Eslam"
نشيد أدال إسلام (Arabic)
Richensland on the globe (Southeast Asia centered) zoom.svg
and largest settlement
(CoordinatesLogo of the Coord template.png 10.57, N)
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Koldovian (colloqually)
GovernmentGovernment Junta
• Koldova
c. 2016 - 2020
• Establishment and Kingdom
13 August - 3 November 2020
3 November 2020 - 2 May 2021
2 May - 22 September 2021
• Cycoldian involvement and dispute
22 September - 5 December 2021
• Post-cycoldian involvement
5 December 2021 - 5 December 2022
• Junta established
5 December 2022 - present
• 2021
134.5 km2 (51.9 sq mi)
Membership78 (as of June 2022)
CurrencyRichenslandic Valora (de jure)
Singapore Dollar (de facto, Richensland Province)
Indian Rupee (de facto, Viskonia Province)
Time zoneUTC +8 (SST, Richensland Province)
UTC +5:30 (IST, Viskonia Province)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+65 (Richensland Province)
+91 (Viskonia Province)
Internet (de facto)

The Government Junta of Ritshinsland or more commonly known as Richensland is the Government Junta established to rule Richensland after attempts to merge Richensland into Roscamistan as a constituent republic. The Junta was formed immediately after former President Thomas Jacobs (also President of Roscamistan) had given the position of "acting president" to current junta leader Aidan McGrath giving him Presidential power. In accordance with the constitution of Richensland, McGrath re-delcared Nationsleep (a period of inactivity which gives absolute power to the President and dissolves of term limits) and proclaimed all legal and political motions to be frozen to further prevent a Roscami annexation of Richensland and effectively freezing his position as temporary. later on McGrath went on and established the Transitional Junta for National Reconstruction of Ritshinsland to maintain the government durring its time of Nationsleep.