Governor of Tinakula Island

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The Governor of Tinakula Island is the elected Tinakulan government official charged with running Tinakula Island, part of the Republic of Tinakula.

Governor of Tinakula Island
Gobernador de la Isla de Tinakula
Tinakula Island.svg
Flag of Tinakula Island
None Appointed
Archipelago Assembly
TypeIsland Governor
StatusMr (Madam) Governor
Member ofTinakula Island Council
ResidenceTinakula Island
AppointerExecutive Council of Tinakula
Term lengthAt the Executive's Pleasure
Formation19th of October 2021


The Office of Governor of Tinakula Island was established on the 19th of October under the advice of the Vice Executive of Tinakula.


Legislative Power

The Governor has the power to pass laws for the island and have a duty to provide resources for Tinakulan Citizens in Tinakula Island.

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