Granda Aŭtista Duklando de Sophia

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Granda Aŭtista Duklando de Sophia

Motto: In Sola Virtute Maneat
"Solely Maintain Virtues"
Anthem: "Aspies Longed for free"
File:Urbo de Sophia, GAD Sophia, Aspergia
Official languagesMandarin Chinese(Simplified)
constitutional monarchy
• Mayor
Minyeon Swan, the Duchess of Sophia
LegislatureKerna Katedralo (Upper)
Kongreso de AF (Lower)
Establishment12 July 2016
• Census
Time zoneUTC (on Earth)

As the former Urbo de Sophia, the Granda Aŭtista Duklando de Sophia was a micronation with unknown location.


Sophian Declaration of Independence is not known. The country has long been active as a cyber-state and declared itself a Micronation in 2021. The dictator of Sophia in the whole Sophian history is Sophia Swan, he claim himself as a transgender woman and "Duchess of Sophia". Sophia Swan himself created and edited the country's microwiki page, which is this page, but lacks valid sources for its content. Those contents are removed. In January 2023, Sophia Swan was accused of multiple sexual assaults.[1] He is accused of using his fame in the country to lure victims. On February 1, 2021, Sophia was arrested by Chinese judicial authorities. At this point, Sophia has de-facto dissolved, because there are no existing participants.

Foreign relations

Bilateral Recognition

Formal diplomatic relations:

  • Republic of Jŭmina (28 December 2020)
  • Empire of Fielland (8 March 2021)

Cyber-Diplomatic Mission

GAD Sophia creates missions to serve her fellow citizens, especially on Earth.