Heaminister (Uber-Esse)

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Heaminister of  Uber-Essian Union
Karl Friedrich

since 1 June 2020
StyleSir/His Excellency
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Diarchy
Inaugural holderKarl Friedrich
Formation1 June 2020
Salary$0 per year

The Heaminister is the head of government of the Uber-Essian Union. The Heaminister reports to the Uber-Essian Diarchy, the pair which jointly acts as the head of state and constitutional diarchs. The Heaminister is elected every six months by the people of the Union by popular vote. The Heaminister may serve as a member of the Union Parliament (MP), but it is not required.

The current and inaugural Heaminister is Karl Friedrich, who was appointed on 1 June 2020.

The office of Heaminister is largely inspired on the office of the same name of the defunct Essian Commonwealth. The term is Essian for "head minister."

List of Heaministers

No. Name
Portrait Tenure Notes
Appointment Administration end Administration duration
1 Karl Friedrich
Confederation of Esse
1 June
Present 1210 days First Heaminister.