Holy Roman Empire of the German and Slovak People

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Heiliges Römisches Reich des Deutschen und Slavischen Völker
Motto: Fur Gott und Kaiser
Largest city?
Official languagesGerman, Latin, English, Slovak
GovernmentElective monarchy
• Prime Minister
• Emperor (Kaiser)
Frederic I. (Fridrich)
Establishment1st September 2011
• Census
Time zoneCET
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Republic of Metonia

The Holy Roman Empire of the German and Slovak People (German: Heiliges Römisches Reich des Deutschen und Slavischen Völker) was a micronational empire that bordered Slovakia. It was ruled by a Kaiser. This Kaiser was elected to reign for 6 months. It was largely influenced by the macronational Holy Roman Empire.


Dissolution of Slavinia

1 September:

10.00- Final decision, Sona becomes President
11,00- Unpopular changes - dissannexation of Kamska, Pohronetsk. Legalization of coffee.
11,45 -Izbiac Republic declares independence.
11,47-Sona, President of Slavinsk Federation declares merger of Puostel Republic and Izbiac Republic into " Predoknovskaya Republic" with capital in Khadba.
11,53- Independent Republic of Izbiakia conquers Zelenogorsk and destroys Puiostelian possessions.
12,00- Slavinsk Federation officially declares war on IRoI.
12,06- Battle of Dolnoursansk- Slavinsk victory.
12,25- Battle of Dversk- IRoI victory.
12,43- Battle of Predsieniya- IRoI victory.
12,45- Capitulation of Slavisk forces in Dolnoursansk.
13,00- Independent Republic of Izbiakia reforms into Furstentum Aaren-Issbau und Vorpotock.
13,14-FA-IuV forces march towards Taroslavin. Battle of Taroslavin- Slavinsk Federation disentablished.
13,30- Creation of the Heiliges_Romishes_Reich_des_Deutschen_und_Slavischen_Volker with capital in Däroslauenberg.
13,42- Predoknovskaya Republic last stance at Khodba.
15,00-Official capitulation of Predoknovskaya Republic.
17,30- First council of the Reichstag

Ninth september

The Kaiser forced the  Principality of Postel-Kotern to dissanex its northern provinces, since he reveald the Principality has no control over the area.From the dissanexed areas, he created the Landgraviate of Westkottern. Soon, another state joined, the Duchy of Srnieck. The Landgraviate of Westkottern is currently in personal union with the Principality of Aaren-Issbau and Vorpotock.

Metonian War

The Kingdom of Iscania was created on the 23rd September 2011. This led to the Metonian War. As a result of this war the Federal Republic of Metonia overthrew the HRRdDuSV.

Constituent states

State Capital
Kingdoms (Königreiche)
Archduchies (Erzherzogtümer)
Grand duchies (Großherzogtümer)
Duchies (Herzogtümer)
Srnkien flag.png Srnieck Srnieckie vojvodstvo Srnčie chvostíky
Principalities (Fürstentümer)
AIV flag.png Aaren-Issbau and Vorpotock Aaren-Ißbau und Vorpotock Aßtauburg
Poestel-Koetern Pöstel-Kötern Pöstel
Weinitz-Lippe Lippe
Free Imperial cities (Freistädte)
Markgraviates (Markgrafschaften)
Landgraviates (Landgrafschaften)
Westkottern Westköttern Westköttern
Counties (Grafschaften)
Lordships (Heersschaften)


The claimed area bordered Slovakia. The claims were quite small, and encompassed 5 Slovak enclaves. It was a landlocked country in Central Europe. Important rivers included the river Nitra, Necpalfluss, Bruckenfluss and Aaren.


The official head of state is the Kaiser, elected for 6 months.

List of Kaisers:

  1. Frederic I. (1 September 2011- 23 September 2011)
  2. Maxmilian I. (23 September 2011-incumbent)