Home-made Crown Journal

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Home-made Crown Journal
Micronational news shouldn’t be boring.
HCJ website.png
Above: HCJ "flagboard," used as a logo
Below: Part of the HCJ website, 15 Nov 2020
TypeOnline newspaper
FormatWordPress blog
Founder(s)Ives Blackwood
PublisherAbeldane News Incorporated
Editor-in-chiefIves Blackwood
Staff writersDhrubajyoti Roy
Founded15 July 2020
Political alignmentNone
LanguageBritish English
HeadquartersGrand Duchy of Rai
Circulation20–40 visitors per day (as of November 2020)
Free online archivesYes

The Home-made Crown Journal is an Abeldane news website focusing on the MicroWiki community, with a secondary focus on Abeldane national news.


The HCJ was founded on 15 July 2020 by Ives Blackwood. Blackwood incorporated a company in the Grand Duchy of Rai, Abeldane News Incorporated, which is the legal entity that publishes the HCJ, and posted the first article, about Daniel Hamilton bringing the Unified Royal States of Australis into the Cupertino Alliance.

Dhrubajyoti Roy joined the HCJ as a staff writer on 13 November. He was then suspended on 18 November (whilst still working on his first article) for undisclosed reasons.

On 15 November, Blackwood suggested to Hamilton that the HCJ should merge with his news blog, MicroWeekly, which had five staff writers. After three days of negotiation, a merger was agreed and MW became part of the HCJ. Hamilton remained editor of MW; Blackwood remained editor of the rest of the HCJ and owner of Abeldane News Incorporated. All staff from both publications now work on both general HCJ and MW content.

On 19 November, Abeldane News Incorporated signed an advertising contract with James Does Wetherspoons (Abelden), a corporate entity controlled by James Reginald Frisch.