House Von Gerichten

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House Von Gerichten
Coat of Arms of Von Gerichten
Regimental flag of Von Gerichten
Place of originBavarian
Founded1740 (estimated)
FounderJohann Jakob Von Gerichten
Current headSir Connor Modena
TitlesBaron Von Gerichten
Duke of Feliciana
Marquess of Eichstätt
TraditionsMilitary Service
Civil Service
Motto"Ministerium Sacrificium"
(English: Service and Sacrifice)

The House Von Gerichten is a Noble House originating in the Kingdom of Bavaria with a history of military service and strong family traditions. Dating back to the 1700's, the House Von Gerichten was established by Johann Jakob Von Gerichten, issued by the Bavarian Kingdom .


In approximately 1740 Johann Jakob Von Gerichten was issued nobility by the Bavarian Empire for gallant military service and loyalty. The creation of House traditions were formed around servitude in both military and civil capacities, requiring all male members to serve no less than four years in the military. Female members were granted the option of military service in 2008. Civil service is a viable option in lieu of military service, especially if medically incapable. The Head of House Von Gerichten has been passed down eleven generations. On 31 August 2008, Sir Connor Modena was named Head of House. Currently the House Von Gerichten continues its service in many nations. The House Von Gerichten holds two family estates, Ringold Grounds in California and Tunica Estate in Louisiana.

Recognitions and Allegiances

House Von Gerichten is currently recognized and holds allegiance to the current Monarchies and other Houses of Nobility:

Kingdom of Gradonia

Von Gerichten Arms in Gradonia.

House Von Gerichten gained its Letter of Patent issued by HS&RM William I of Gradonia on 27 January 2021.