House of Ó Gairbhith

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House of Ó Gairbhith
Country Permaria
Parent houseDál Fiatach
FounderDustin I
Current headDustin I
Founding12 August 2021
EthnicityCanadians, Irish

The House of Ó Gairbhith, officially the Princely House of Ó Gairbhith, is a noble house which reigns by hereditary right over the Principality of Permaria. Its founder and current head is Prince Dustin I.


The house was established by Dustin Ó Gairbhith in 2021 to serve as a hereditary ruling dynasty over his personal domains, which would later be formally incorporated into a micronation in 2022. Ó Gairbhith is a patrilineal descendant of the Dál Fiatach who were the ancient rulers of the Gaelic over-kingdom of Ulaid (today Ulster) for most of its history. Under Permarian law, the House of Ó Gairbhith is recognized as a cadet branch of the Dál Fiatach.


There are currently 6 members of the House of Ó Gairbhith, all of which are members by birth or connected through marriage.