House of Kligatsi-Zavos

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Great & Imperial
House of Kligatsi-Zavos
Country Ovrestlia
Parent houseZavos
TitlesEmperor of Ovrestlia
Crown Prince of Ovrestlia
Prince of Ovrestlia
Grand Duke of Ovrestlia
Count of Ovrestlia
Baron Zavos
Current headHIM Thomas Marios I
EthnicityByzantine Greeks

The Great & Imperial House of Kligatsis-Zavos is the current royal house of Empire of Ovrestlia. It includes Kligatsi-Konstadakou & Zavos families. The House founded with the marriage of Vasiliki II and George I of Akarnania and officialy with the peperit of Thomas Marios I.


House of Zavos

The coat of arms of Galatis family

The family has deep origins with Byzantium, Istrian Penninsula, Venice & Ithaca. The parent house was named Galatis and it sems from İzmir. The family refaired from the first time in 1023 A.C. After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, Galatis' family moved out to Sicily. From there, a branch moved out to Venice. The genealοgy starts in 1047 in İzmir. The genealogy of branch of Zavos family starts in Ithaca in 1701:

  • Michail Galatis (Μιχαήλ Γαλάτης) (1047–1133)
  • Vartholomaios Galatis (Βαρθολομαίος Γαλάτης) (1090–1144)
  • Antonios Galatis (Αντώνιος Γαλάτης) (1125–1200)
  • Vasileios Galatis (Βασίλειος Γαλάτης) (1152–1244)
  • Sebastianos Galatis (Σεβαστιανός Γαλάτης) (1179–1265)
  • Augoustinos Valis Galatis (Αυγουστίνος Βάλης Γαλάτης) (1197–1235)
  • Richardus Augustinus Galaccius (Ριχάρδος Αυγουστίνος Γαλάτης) (1223–1274)
  • Leonardos Galatis (Λεονάρδος Γαλάτης) (1259–1330)
  • Frantzeskos Narkissos Galatis (Φραντζέσκος Νάρκισος Γαλάτης) (1300–1320)
  • Leonardos Kleanthis Galatis (Λεονάρδος Κλεάνθης Γαλάτης) (1320–1432)
  • Frantzeskos Kallistratos Galatis (Φραντζέσκος Καλλίστρατος Γαλάτης) (1341–1418)
  • Valis Patrikios Galatis (Βάλης Πατρίκιος Γαλάτης) (1363–1437)
  • Narkissos Galatis (Νάρκισος Γαλάτης) (1390–1436)
  • Pafnoutios Galatis (Παφνούτιος Γαλάτης) (1426–1482)
  • Armenios Galatis (Αρμένιος Γαλάτης) (1473–1516)
  • Diomede Fillipo Galacci (Διομήδης Φίλιππος Γαλάτης) (1497–1566)
  • Bortolomeo Diomede Antonio Galacci (Βαρθολομαίος Διομήδης Αντώνιος Γαλάτης) (1534–1620)
  • Antonio Fillipo Galacci (Αντώνιος Φίλιππος Γαλάτης) (1576–1655)
  • Samuele Marko Galacci (Σαμουήλ Μάρκος Γαλάτης) (1608–1665)
  • Fragiskos Samuele Galatis (Φραγκίσκος Σαμουήλ Γαλάτης) (1640–1725)
  • Maria Galati (Μαρία Γαλάτη) (1677–1734)
  • Vasileios Zavos (Βασίλειος Ζαβός) (1701–1783)
  • Ioannis Zavos (Ιωάννης Ζαβός) (1738–1810)
  • Floros Zavos (Φλώρος Ζαβός) (1773–1840)
  • Athanasios Zavos (Αθανάσιος Ζαβός) (1798–1843)
  • Grigorios Zavos (Γρηγόριος Ζαβός) (1833–1881)
  • George Zavos (Γεώργιος Ζαβός) (1859–1912)
  • Panagiotis Zavos (Παναγιώτης Ζαβός) (1896–1954)
  • George Zavos (Γεώργιος Ζαβός)(1921–2014)
  • Thomas Zavos (Θωμάς Ζαβός) (1948-)
  • George Zavos (Γεώργιος Ζαβός) (1977-)
  • Thomas Marios Zavos (Θωμάς Μάριος Ζαβός) (2008-)

The family has probably connentions with Capodistria family, House of Foix, House of Bourbon, House of Habsburg, Palaiologos Family & Rurik Dynasty.

House of Kligatsis

The family has deer origins from Byzantium, specifically from Pontus. We don't know many things about the family, but the genealogy starts in 1831 in Ammohori, a village near in Florina:

  • Antonios Kligatsis (Αντώνιος Κλιγκάτσης) (1831–1902)
  • Traianos Kligatsis (Τραϊανός Κλιγκάτσης) (1856–1915)
  • George Kligatsis (Γεώργιος Κλιγκάτσης) (1893–1928)
  • Traianos Kligatsis (Τραϊανός Κλιγκάτσης) (1926–2006)
  • George Kligatsis (Γεώργιος Κλιγκάτσης) (1950-)
  • Vasiliki Kligatsi (Βασιλική Κλιγκάτση) (1978-)
  • Thomas Marios Zavos (Θωμάς Μάριος Ζαβός) (2008-)