House of Zapotec

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House of Zapotec
Casa de Zapotecos (Spanish)
Coat of arms of Zapotec
CountryKingdom of Chapulines
Current regionNorth America
Place of originOaxaca / Chapulines
Founded15 November 2022 (12 months ago) (2022-11-15)
FounderManuel I
Current headManuel I
MottoEl Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz (Respect for the rights of others is peace)

Start from Oaxaca Indigenous Time (Zapotec Civilization) to the end when the Spanish Conquest in 1521

Ruler 1454-1487 Za'achila III?
Ruler 1487-1521 Cosijoeza Born 1457-1529Coyolicaltzin
TonaxiabaRuler 1518-1563 Cosijopii I (Juan Cortés Sicasibí) Born 1502-1563BitoopaNatipaPinopia Born 1500s-UnknownCosijopiDonají
Naatipa (Domingo Zúñiga Cortés y Velasco)Nioceguixe (Luisa Zúñiga Cortés y Velasco)Bitiquiebaa (María de los Ángeles Zúñiga Cortés y Velasco)
Descendants of Cosijoeza
?? Velasco
ÁlvarezMónica Gabriela Velasco? Velasco?VelascoPérez
José María Álvarez VelascoManuel Álvarez Velasco?Tiburcio SeveroPedro Gabriel VelascoJosé Antonio Pérez VelascoLeandro Pérez VelascoPérez VelascoManuel Pérez VelascoEulalio VelascoVictoriano Pérez Velasco