Imvrassian Exarchate

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New Mystras, the first and oldest Exarchate in Imvrassia since 2016

General information

An Imvrassian Exarchate was a special semi-autonomous territorial and administrative unit of Imvrassia (usually a former inactive sovereign state or a group of Provinces/Despotates) and has the full inner workings of government and on administrative issues.
There was at least one residence, the capital of the administrative unit and there may be other administrative subdivisions.
In an Exarchate was allowed the establishment and operation of a representative-public advisory body under the name of the House of Representatives. This body was under the chairmanship and responsibility of the Exarch, who was appointed by the Crown and had the title of Count or Protosebastos.
An Exarch was an official responsible for a polity in the name of and as the representative of the Crown of Imvrassia and was equivalent to the office of a viceroy.
An Exarchate was divided into Duchies or/and Provinces and the Exarch was able to appoint in each Duchy a Duke and to each Province an Eponymous Archon. The Exarch's immediate assistant and deputy had the office of Chartoularios and the title of Count or Protosebastos.

The Exarchates

Name Size Exarch Subdivisions
Exarchates of Imvrassia
Exarchate of New Mystras TBA Count Konstantinos of Kourka -
Exarchate of Great Ionia TBA TBA -
Exarchate of Heptarchy of New Herakleia TBA TBA -
Exarchate of Mygdonia TBA TBA -
Exarchate of Aglakea TBA TBA -

Flags of the Exarchates