Intermicronational Standardization Organization

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MicroWiki Standards Agency
Headquarters: Pacific Grove, CA
Official Languages: American English, Italian
Recognised Languages: British English
Founder: Riley Small
Co-President: Riley Small
Co-President: Position Vacant

The Intermicronational Standardization Organization or the MicroWiki Standards Agency (abbreviated IMSO) was an intermicronational agency thats major goal was to standardize and organize the micronational world. The Intermicronational Standardization Organization was founded on the 3 June 2011 and disbanded on the 13 June in response to the former Micronational Institute of Standardization becoming active again after inactivity for around one year. The IMSO was the micronational version of the International Organization of Standardization or the ISO and was a independent entity that planed on working in partnership with the Organisation of Active Micronations in future projects.


The IMSO was run by a group of micronationalist that were members of the Standards Committee which was the main body that managed the organization. The Committee was open to anyone who was active and serious about the agency and the only way to be denied entry was if a majority of the Committee voted you out. There were two Co-Presidents who were the heads of the organization and were in charge of managing and operating the agency as well as being the public representatives of the organization. One President was voted in every four months by the Committee while the other President was Riley Small, because he founded the organization. When Riley Small resigned or ceased to be the President in any way then the current Committee at that time would choose to have either two elected Presidents or one. The only way for the Committee to be overridden was for both Presidents to veto the resolution. The Co-Presidents and all former Presidents will be forever referred to as Sir, for example founder Riley Small is His Excellency (because of being a diplomat in St.Charlie) Sir Riley Small.