Japanese occupation of Subejo

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Japanese-occupied Subejo
Motto: Bersatulah Nippon Subejo!
(Japanese: 団結日本すべじょう!)
Anthem: "Kimigayo"
StatusMilitary occupation by the Empire of Japan
CapitalNone (de jure)
Bandar Diraja (de facto, 1941–1945)
GovernmentMilitary occupation
Historical eraWorld War II
• Pacific War begins
8 December 1941[a]
• Japanese troops landed on Bandar Subejo[b]

8 December 1941
15 August 1945
• Formation of the Kingdom of Subejo
September 1945
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federation of Subejo
Kingdom of Subejo
Today part ofDemocratic Republic of Subejia
  1. ^ The Pacific War started on 8 December 1941 in Asian time zones, but is often referred to as starting on 7 December, as that was the date in European and American time zones (such as for the attack on Pearl Harbor in the United States' Territory of Hawaii).
  2. ^ Bandar Subejo (now known as Bandar Subejia) was a part of Bandar Diraja.

The then Subejo was gradually occupied by the Japanese between December 1941. The Japanese remained in occupation until their surrender to the Allies in 1945. The Japanese garrison in Subejo to lay down their arms was in Bandar Subejo (now known as Bandar Subejia).


The Japanese troops that was leaded by Raja Sasuke occupied Subejo on December 1941. On 1945, while Japan surrender to the Allies, Raja Sasuke was elected as King of Subejo.