Jonny Møbjerg

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Former President of The Republic of Munkkia

Jonny Møbjerg
Emblem of The President
1st President of The Republic of Munkkia
Predecessor None
Successor Mathias L. Magnussen
Personal information
Born 15 September 1993 (1993-09-15) (age 30)
Southern Jutland
Citizenship Danish, Munkkian
Nationality Danish
Ethnicity Nordic
Political party The National Party of Munkkia
Residence Anonsk, Munkkia
Occupation Student, Web-designer
Profession Web-design

Jonny Møbjerg is a Danish politician and citizen, and previous President of the Republic of Munkkia as well as the previous leader of Anonystan. He currently resides in Anonsk, the capital of Munkkia. Møbjerg was born on 15 September 1993, making him currently 21 years old. Jonny is a classic liberal, heavily influenced by capitalism, minarchism and and anarcho-activism. Jonny is the incumbent president of National Party of Munkkia. He has no religious views. Jonny is featured on the 50DRE bill and the (3) stamp.


He was elected into office on 11 July 2014. He will eventually be the first signatory of the Munkkian Constitution when it is written.

Work at The Nation of Mukkkia

Jonny is currently working as the post office, maintaining all sort of delivery of mail.