Joseph Lavender

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Joseph Hamilton-Charles Lavender
Emperor of Hosenburg
Reign4 April 2021
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorThrone abolished
Born26 January 1972 (1972-01-26) (age 51)
El Paso, Texas, United States w:United States
SpouseJosephine Lavender
FatherHRH Prince Grandfather Daniel Lavender
MotherHRH Princess Mother Danielle Lavender

Joseph Hamilton-Charles Lavender (born January 26, 1972) is a prominent Bradonian nationalist and the former Emperor of the Hosenburgian Empire who would serve as the Emperor until its swift abolition following the Bradonian victory in the one-hour Hosenburgian Rebellion.

Originally opposed to the concept and sovereignty of Bradonia, Joseph would attempt to rebel against Bradonian authority and attempt to establish the short-lived independent state known as the Hosenburgian Empire, which was driven by a desire to supplant Bradonia as the dominant regional power in the area. However, the legitimacy and seriousness of Joseph's intentions remain uncertain and subject to debate among Bradonians. Despite this, Joseph enjoys the various privileges of being a part of the prestigious and dominant House of Lavender and even held the benefits of governing in the Royal Diet before its dissolution on March 6th, 2023.

Non-Micronational Life

Joseph Hamilton-Charles Lavender was born on January 26th, 1972 in El Paso, Texas. Joseph was the second child of Daniel Lavender and Danielle Lavender, and the brother of Monthaneial Lavender. Growing up, Joseph would live in El Paso, and would attend public schools for his primary and secondary education. Throughout his academic years, Joseph would face many challenges and would gain a reputation for being a disruptive presence in the classroom. Despite his academic struggles, Joseph would manage to be able to attend the prestigious University of Texas, where he would pursue an academic degree.

When Joseph was still in El Paso, Texas, he would meet his future wife, Josephine Lavender in high school, and after a decade of separation, both of them would reunite, and eventually the two would get married in Tuscany, Italy in 2003. Both Joseph and Josephine would decide to have three children, Ireland Lavender, Brady Lavender, and Brianna Lavender.

Micronational Career

During the time of the short-lived Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, Joseph initially held an apathetic stance towards the micronation, not regarding it as important and thought it would be short-lived due to how unstable it was. However, over time Joseph would begin to witness the rapid growth of Bradonia, however, he would continue to have mixed feelings about it for personal reasons, but despite this, he didn't actively prevent its growth or its sovereignty, choosing instead to let it develop while occasionally expressing mild discouragement.

During the era of the illegitimate and self-proclaimed socialist government, Joseph would make an attempt to undermine its sovereignty. Joseph would seek to replace the now socialist Bradonia, with is own micronation, the Hosenburgian Empire, with the intention of supplanting Bradonia as the regional power in the area. Joseph would attempt to initiate a coup against the illegitimate socialist government and would proclaim the Hosenburgian Empire, much to the dismay of the Zorangradian Government. However, Joseph would face resistance from the Zorangrad Goverment and the residents of Kaylensburg, additionally, his incompetence and hands-off approach to the conflict would ultimately lead to his downfall. As a result, the Hosenburgian Empire was short-lived, and Joseph's imperial ambitions were thwarted. Nevertheless, due to his affiliation with the House of Lavender and his status as Brady's father, he did not face any severe consequences for his actions.

Following the Hosenburgian Rebellion, Joseph's support for Bradonia would grow, and he would actively assist Brady when he needed any help. Jospeh also would play a minor role in recruiting Bradonians and reviewing important documents. During the establishment of the Royal Diet, Joseph was granted a seat in the House of Lords due to his connection with the House of Lavender and would hold his position until the Royal Diet's dissolution on March 6th, 2023. Currently, Joseph serves as a Privy Councillor in the Bradonian Privy Council and sometimes contributes to the well-being of Bradonia.

Titles and styles

Grand Style

By the Heavenly and Divine Grace of God, His Royal Highness, Joseph Hamilton-Charles Lavender, Prince Father of Bradonia, Grand Duke of Bering, Duke of Burnet, Marques of Anchorage, Count of Juneau, Baron of Fairbanks, Lord of Kenai

Noble titles

Kingdom of Bradonia Prince Father of Bradonia
Kingdom of Bradonia Grand Duke of Bering
Kingdom of Bradonia Duke of Bering
Kingdom of Bradonia Marques of Anchorage
Kingdom of Bradonia Count of Juneau
Kingdom of Bradonia Baron of Fairbanks
Kingdom of Bradonia Lord of Kenai

Awards and decorations

  • Grand Knight of the Royal Order of Brady I
  • Grand Knight of the Royal Order of Lavender
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Dolphin
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Bering Sea
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Moose