July 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election

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July 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election

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All 5 seats in the National Senate
3 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Aidan Clifford Ben Olson
Party Nationalist Labour
Leader since 1 July 2020 2 July 2020
Seats won 3 2
Popular vote 8 6
Percentage 57.1% 42.9%
Caucus Majority Minority

Diagram of results by party.

Vice Secretary before election

Position Established

Elected Vice Secretary

Aidan Clifford

The July 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election was a snap election called by President Raphaël Olivier I following the installation of a democracy. This election was held simultaneously with the July 2020 Georgienstinian Congressional Election.

The election resulted in a victory for the Nationalist Party. It also saw the rise of the Libertarian and Labour parties.


Following the implementation of democracy in Georgienstine, numerous opposition parties were calling for a snap congressional election as the National Senate did not have any members.

Electoral system and organization

The Senate was composed of 5 seats elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, with a legal threshold of 1 full seat (20%), and residuals assigned by the D’Hondt method.


Party leaders remained largely silent throughout the campaign period. However, once voting opened, Nationalist Party politicians tried to get Nationalist Party members to vote. This attempt to get party members to get out and vote were largely successful. Labour's lack of campaigning is widely believed to have cost them a majority in the Senate.


Party Leader Seats %
Nationalist Party Aidan Clifford 3 57.1%
Labour Party Ben Olson 2 42.9%
Popular vote

Seat totals